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Years ago there was a Bazooka Joe comic where Mort was looking around on
the ground under a street light. Bazooka Joe comes up and asks him what
he is looking for. Mort replies that he lost a quarter. "Where did you
lose it?" Over there! "Why are you looking under the light pole? Because
that is where the light is! This last week at the Mesa Regional Family
History Center I ran into this same problem, looking where the light is.
I was helping one of the patrons look for information on a death date
and place of a great-grandfather from Ontario, Canada and I was showing
her how to search in the Family History Catalog by place name. We found a
book listing all of the cemeteries of Ontario, so I showed her how to
find the book in a library and obtain the book by Interlibrary Loan. At
this point, she said, "I don't want a book, I want to find the
information online. In other words, she didn't want to look where the
information was located, she wanted to look where the light was.


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