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I remember when I first started doing Genealogy....there was so much information and what do you do with it all...DO NOT be discouraged....go slow one person at a time.... get each person done as thoroughly as you can, Full name if possible, if they have a nick name, put that in "quote marks" IF they do not have a middle name put NMN (no middle name) If you are unsure of something put it in pencil so you can erase it when you find out for sure.

If you are doing your family tree online, on a program, make sure you back it up and compact it every time you finished. Keep all your hard work protected.

I am getting into some difficult research. A common name in an area I am not familiar with, Putnam County, Tennessee. I also have a story from a family member, but nothing documented. GET DOCUMENTATION every time... if you are 100% positive then note that you know this for a fact....and why. IF not sure then put that you are not sure but are reasonably sure or someone told you that you trust. The more information you can, will be helpful to yourself or others later.

Always START with yourself....then your spouse, if you have one, then your children if you have them...make your generation as complete as possible. Then go to your parents....then grandparents...then great the hunt begins.....have fun...enjoy it.... this is such an fruitful in your discoveries...

Where are you in your search?

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