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 Charles Jipp and Lena Nanke had several children.  If by chance any of you are related would you please sign in or get back to Mary Pentico Nelson or I. 

Or if any of you are related to Grandpa Jipp from the old country or Germany we would love to hear from you.

I have little information on Grandfather Jipp due to his death shortly before MOM Louise Jipp Pentico born.  Fred's Mom never knew her father.  Her older siblings knew him a bit.  

They are all gone now.  Our generation is what is left.   Being they came from Germany late 1800's I am sure there is kin in Europe that could be located.  

The same applied to Lena Nanke's family.  Yes married in family was here since the 1700's but much of this family is from Europe in the 1800's  from about 1850 to 1900.    

Charles died summer of August 11, 1911 when Louise was born.  As an in Law I never met Lena Nanke Jipp either though I did meet all of the siblings but one.

We are trying to locate some answers to some questions.  Thanks

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