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Fun is a serious topic. I would hesitate to even do a Google search on
fun with anything else, there would be so many responses. If our society
was judged by our advertisements, fun would be judged to be one of our
most sought after goals. Here are some of the titles of the hits found
by a search on "fun genealogy." (6,470,000 results)

A just for fun genealogy quiz
Fun stuff for genealogists
Genealogy fun time
Genealogy fun
Some favorite fun genealogy products
How to make genealogy fun for the entire family
Fun with genealogy
Genealogy simple and fun

So, am I missing something? I guess I am not into the fun of genealogy. I
generally look on genealogy as hard work. Not that work cannot be fun,
but that is not the reason or the main attraction for my involvement in
genealogy. I really take exception with the last item on the list above,
genealogy is neither simple nor fun in the advertising sense.

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Comment by James Tanner on October 4, 2010 at 8:58am
Thanks, I always appreciate your comments.
Comment by William Douglas on October 4, 2010 at 2:43am
What is the antonym of fun? Boring?

Well, genealogy is certainly not boring! Meeting people on and off line who have stories to tell about theirs and my ancestors, who open windows of light into the past. Boring? No! Discovering a long lost fact about a distant ancestor boring? No!

What takes the fun out of it, though, are some posts on GenWise where people are rude and unkind to each other. Now that is not boring, but it is not fun either.

And yes, James, I find your articles fun to read and think about. Thank you. Keep them coming.





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