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Irish. Wrong Way Corrigan; Searching Arthur, Killian, Porter, Donegal, Ireland research books and notes

Genealogy and History Podcast. week 119
From the Irish Roots Cafe Broadcast Network.

Among Todays Topics:

1) The Irish Family Name of the Week is: Corrigan
2) Donegal Databases
3) The Books of the Month are on County Donegal
4) Searching: Arthur, Killian, Porter…
5) Harry Potter comes to County Clare
6) Fitzpatrick wins Wife Carrying Contest
7) Irish Video of the Day: Wrong Way Corrigan

Timeline for this weeks audio broadcast:

This Weeks Topics: 1:05
Notes from Mike: 2:19
Book of the Month: 4:23
The Magnificent Seven: 9:00
Irish Name of the Day: 11:50
Websites/ Videos: 16:17
Curious News & Notes: 19:52

Time: 25:14

Notes This Week:

1) We have just signed up for the Sean Nos singing class at
the Dublin, Ohio Irish Festival. Sean Nos is the old solo style
of singing in the old way in Ireland. Hope a few of you can join
me in this class, It is definitely a first for me. Classes are held
Wednesday, July 29 and Thursday, July 30 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
at the Dublin Community Recreation Center.
Those are the two days before the big festival begins.
Make a reservation today - I want to make certain this class goes on !

Irish Song and Recitation on or iTunes
iTunes tag:

Books of the Month:
1) Families of County Donegal Ireland
Sample from the above book:
O’Donnell Victory
Although the Norman invasions of Ireland began in the 12th
century, no serious attempt was made to subdue Donegal until
the capture of an O’Boyle castle, and ‘the convent of Donegal’.
Red Hugh O’Donnell, who became chief in 1592 quickly expelled
the invaders. O’Donnell went on to force ‘the O’Neil’, (Tirlogh
O’Neil), who had joined with the English, to resign his title in favor
of Hugh O’Neill, the Earl of Tyrone.
O’Donnell then called for help from Spain, and from Scottish mercenaries. He held sway far beyond the boundaries of Donegal
for a time. The subsequent defeat of the Irish at Kinsale, County
Cork, forced O’Donnell to Spain, and marked a low point for the
fate of the Irish. King James Irish Army List (1689), provides more information on the families that fled to the continent. That book
includes references to Donegal families and history of the day.
Many are found in the service of Spain, France and Austria after
their exile from Ireland.

Defeat at Kinsale - Plantation of Ulster
After the attainder in 1612 of Rory O’Donell, (to whom James I
had given the title of Earl of Tyrconnell), O’Donnell lands were
confiscated for the plantation of Ulster. Settlers were to be granted
62 portions of land, 40 of which were to be 1,000 acres each. 38
were to be granted to English and Scots undertakers, 9 to servitors,
and 15 to natives. This would be the basis for many new families to
arrive in Donegal.
The manufacture of linen cloth of every kind was extensive, and
chiefly from home made flax, according to Lewis in his Topographical Dictionary.

2) County Donegal Genealogy and Family History Notes
This compliments the first book given here. It also covers
more territory on families given in the Book of Irish Families.
Coming Up:
Granny Fagan takes top honors…….

Time to raise our eyes skywards, give thanks, and ask for help !
Here are todays “Magnificent Seven” :

1) Molly Arthur Canter of Murray, KY searching for Arthur from
County Antrim late 1600s. Welcome as a full member.

2) Grenville Hall of County Antrim, UK. Welcome as a new member.

3) Quentin C. Smith of Arlington, VA welcome as a new member, searching: pedigree of Maurice Killian who m. Bridget Flood,
daughter of Christopher Flood. They all came to U.S. in Dec. 1848

4) Terry Seidler of Pasadena, CA your Tipperary and Mayo genealogy books shipped

5) David D. Hack of Hudson, Ohio, your Families of Galway and
Irish Families books have shipped

6) Tricia Smith of Madison, Georgia, your County Mayo genealogy
book shipped

7) Trevor Joy Johnson, of Boston, MA, welcome as a new member searching for the Porter family of Donegal and Londonderry.

Check out our online search list at:

Thanks to all of our members - without you these
podcasts would not be possible - !

Irish Family Name of the Day:

Todays family history in honor of gold member:
Diana Corrigan of Cache, OK

Related Spellings of the Name
Carahan; Caraher; Cargan; Carraghan; Coregan; Corgen;
O’Corrigan, Mc Corrigan; Corrican …..and so on

Varient Spelling Groups: #338; 1003; 2138;
(Taken from the Master Guide to the Various Spellings
of Irish Family Names)

History of the Name
Most Corrigan families today may trace their origins to
Most references to the name are found in Fermanagh historically,
but several sources find the family in the barony of Owney and
Arra, near Nenagh in Co. Tipperary.
In 1659 both O’Corrican and O’Corrigan were principal names
of Fermanagh. ‘Corrigan’ was a principal name of Longford at that
time. For the most part the ‘O’ prefix before the name had been
dropped before the start of the 1900’s.
O’Hart finds the family in Westmeath as well as in Fermanagh
in his works.
The 1890 birth index shows 74 births for the name……

copyright 2007, IGF, based in part upon
The Book of Irish Families, great and small

Irish Family Coats of Arms
Here is some of the information given in the Irish Book of Arms

1) Found illustrated in the Irish Book of Arms.
The crest has Two Battle Axes on it, and the arms have a trefoil
and a lizard passant…. just for starters.
Coming Up Later in this episode:
Why Harry Potter is increasing the tourists in County Clare…..


The Free Master Index Search of Irish Names
at finds the family name 36 times
including the following examples :

1) Archbishop Corrigan’s Catholic Cemeteries (JAHS J7)
2) O’Corrigan in The Milisian Families of Ireland
3) O’Corrigans in Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters
4) H. O’Corrgan, Special Census of Ireland, Pynnars Survey
5) Corrigan in ‘Missouri Irish’ the original history
6) Found in the Irish Book of Arms, IGF edition
7) ‘Wrong Way Corrigan’ the Flying Irishman in vol. 4 of our Journal.

Websites and Videos of the Week:

1) Online Donegal Genealogy databases
Birth Records for Co. Donegal 331,478
Marriage Records for Co. Donegal 120,898
Death Records for Co. Donegal 75,837
Census Records for Co. Donegal 172,269
Gravestone Inscriptions for Donegal 6,510
Griffith’s Valuation for Co. Donegal 42,709
(The total number of Irish records now online is 15.6 million)

2) History of Irish Tennis
The Irish have done quite a job in this sport, with more than a
few Wimbleton winners going back over 100 years …..

3) Forgotten Hero - Douglas (Wrong Way) Corrigan
He dreamed of flying solo across the Atlantic to Ireland,
bought a plane for a few hundred dollars and did it, although
he had been denied a permit. Fortunately he got ‘lost’ on the
way back from New York City, and ended up 28 hours later
in a Dublin Airport. He returned to the U.S. a hero, with a
ticker tape parade of over 1 million onlookers. See the book
and the sheet music, and the movie ‘the Flying Irishman’ too !
He later flew in World War 2 as a test pilot.

Curious News and Notes
1) Fagan takes the cake for grannies.
Sally Fagan from Crumlin, Dublin, has been named granny of the
year at the 2009 grand final competition. Happily she got crystal
and a cruise, something all good grannies deserve I think !

2) The Lalor, Lalor, Lawlor… etc… family held the annual family
reunion July 11 - 13 this year, and brought in members from all
over the world. They seem to be an active group

3) Wife Carrying Champion
AN Irish man and woman have beaten the Finns at their own game.–95879.html#ixzz0Ki12i9To&D–95879.html
James Fitzpatrick from Cork and his friend Ciara Crossan took the
crown in Finland this year.
The Irish version of the game will be held in Sneem, Co. Kerry on
July 25.

4) Five Top Irish Adventures
Giddy Up in Mayo; Diving in Donegal; Lamb Feeding in Kenmare; Kayaking in Killarney; and Potholing in Petersburg County Galway.

5) Harry Potter at the Cliffs of Moher. The latest Harry Potter movie includes shots of the Cliffs. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,
will no doubt increase the number of tourists this year !

6) Well 4,000 Irish millionaires have gotten the boot, off the list !
This hit 25% of Irish millionaires from last year…. Murphys law I guess.

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Comment by Mike O'Laughlin on July 10, 2009 at 9:46am
Plenty of times I have run across that name ! Probably last time was in the 'Plantation in Ulster' or Conquest of Ireland, in hard times for sure....
Comment by Keith McKain on July 10, 2009 at 7:35am
Ever come across the surname is Mac Eáin in Donegal or Antrim? The anglicised forms of the name include McCain, McCane, McKane, and McKain.

McCain-McKane-O'Kane DNA Group 1


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