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I feel an inmeasurable lost.  I can't find people.  People who never knew about me but once had to have the dream of a great grandchild or great, great neice. 


I feel an inmeasurable lost because there is someone with a name who has walked this earth, lived a life and I know nothing, can't find anything about them.


I feel an inmeasurable lost because when I have reached out to someone for that glimmer of hope there has been no response, and I have concluded that they have a resistance to exposure.


It may be meaningless to some but for me it is a part of myself that I am missing.  There is a value in distinguishing who I am and there is a value that their name have a meaning.

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Comment by George Geder on June 4, 2011 at 8:36pm

The most important element to genealogy and family history is TIME.


You never know when the Ancestors will show up. You'll never know why. And you'll never where. But they will show up when you are ready to receive them. You can't force the issue and you can't disparage either.


Example. I've been trying to find one particular Ancestor for over 10 years. Dead end after dead end after brick wall, etc. I've posted queries with fellow researchers, on various gen-boards and, of course, You get my drift.


Well, less than a month ago I met, online, a new cousin for the first time who is connected to my elusive Ancestor. The new cousin is 84 years old! He shared some records of his with me and now I'm poised to knock down a few brick walls!


My point is that it sometimes take a long time to find our Ancestors. It takes an even longer time to understand them. But it's only TIME. You will find them and you will find yourself in their reflection.


Peace & Blessings,

"Guided by the Ancestors"




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