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Hereditree Australian Genealogy Programme

Hi I live in Australian, and thus to find a gen prog that is made here is a bonus. Yes it allows same sex couples, it's very BASIC, a clean look to it. You see you, your partner, siblings, children (and the number of children THEY have), your parents and grandparents ALL ON THE ONE SCREEN. You double click on someone to edit, you can add photos, and it's kind of the quickest way I've found to add photos. You have sources, and facts and notes and so on. Have a look, you can try for nothing, you download and I THINK it's limited to the first 50 people in a gedcom, not sure, but to buy it's $47AUD download and $55 for the disc. I just think it's nice it's an Aussie site, no worrying about what time it is to ring for help, and as a bonus this company is in the same STATE as me. Just thought if you've never heard, you should. Cheers, JO.

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