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Have you looked at Community Trees? Why not?

Quoting from the Community Trees website,
Community Trees are lineage-linked genealogies from specific time periods and geographic localities around the world. The information also includes the supporting sources. Most of the
genealogies are joint projects between FamilySearch and others who live
locally or have expertise in the area or records used to create the
genealogies. Each Community Tree is a searchable database with views of
individuals, families, ancestors and descendants, as well as printing

The scope of partner projects may be a small, grass roots village or
township working together to form a family tree of all the known
residents of its community for a given time period. Some are
genealogical and historical societies working with FamilySearch to index
several sources of data to link them to common, lineage-linked
genealogies of a targeted geographic area of interest.

The scope could also be focused on a particular record set and locality.
The goal may be to identify and reconstitute all families of a
particular place from a village, county, or even a country. Many of the
current projects were produced by FamilySearch's Family Reconstitution
team and date back to the medieval times. One even has the audio of the
oral genealogies attached.


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Comment by Susan J. Barretta on September 2, 2010 at 11:43am
I was in touch with somebody at Community Trees several months ago as I have literally thousands of transcribed records from Ireland civil registration from the Skibbereen district. But I don't think they have Ireland on their priority list at the moment.

I posted over a thousand records at Shared Tree, a different website, but I am not happy with the site's down time (excessive in my opinion), I don't see much evidence that the site is being maintained, and, I worry about my freely given donations ending up in a pay per view site.

I hope that Community Trees puts Ireland on its radar soon.




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