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Randy Seaver in his Saturday Genea-Musings blog asked some interesting questions.
* What is your UGG - your "Ultimate Genealogy Goal" for the genealogy research that you wish to leave to your heirs, descendants and the genealogy community?
* How long do you think you have have left to fulfill this ultimate goal?
* Are you prioritizing your time adequately in order to achieve this goal?
* If not, what should you do to achieve the goal?
* Will you do what you need to do?

What me get organized!! I am a Gemini for a very good reason; however, I will try to deal with each question(you know I will probably break each resolution within a day as something catches my interest).

Ultimately I am trying to leave not only a family tree for the nest generations, but I am trying to fit each individual into their times(once a historian always a historian). I pretty much have the Hillmans traced in North America and I am planning a trip to England to see if I can trace them further into the past. I am also putting together a data base of photos(ongoing project that may never be finished). All of the photos that I have of World War 2 vintage will eventually be donated to the Elgin County Military Museum.

I am also been busy collecting data on the returning soldiers of World War 1 from South- Western Ontario. Needless to say it is a big job and I suspect a two or three year project. I am also in the process of re-writing my M.A. thesis. At the time(1974) I was not happy with it and now in 2009 I am really not happy!

How much time do I have left. Who knows. On my father’s side the life expectancy is long - 80 to 90 years(a nephew of my grandfather made it to one hundred, a great great grandfather of mine made it to 103. One grandmother made it to 96.).

Am I prioritizing my time. Did I mention being a Gemini?

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