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Recently I went to my local library and checked out a book called Ghostly Tales Of Wisconsin. I think the book is good but not great. I guess maybe I would've enjoyed it more if I had not already known about all the spooks mentioned in the book and if even HALF of the facts about the spooks were true. I'll give you two examples. 1.) Ed Gein's home was Prairie Du Chein, NOT Plainfeild...although I beleive the towns do border eachother and are not far from my uncle Danny's home in Gays Mills(about 10 minutes driving.) Now my second and last example is that I grew up in Waukesha,WI and anyone who grew up in Waukesha and beleived in paranormal knew about the ghost who haunted Tabernacle Cemetery (aka Paulpers Cemetery aka Waukesha Poor Farm Cemetery.) The ghost is a man who was reportedly hit by a car while walking down the road near the cemetery late one night and now likes to hangout near a tree which is reportedly where authorities found his body the morning after the accedent. What I find creepy about that is that The County Fair is litterally right next door to that old cemetery and although most of the Cemetery land is now owned by the airport and the Huber Jail and the stones and MOST of the bodies have long since been removed it is reported that some bodies may still be burried there.

Creepy eh?

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