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The Genealogy & Family History Social Network I have used for several years now. I never see anyone writing about the great advantages of using for posting for a surname or for attending a chat.

Chats  many time have leaders that present classes. I have done this in the past myself. At one time I was very proficient with Pennsylvania Research, Maryland Research and Virginia Research.

Having done classes for almost 10 years for the Golden Gate Forum owned by George F., it helped me to learn  more and the  more I shared the more I also learned.

So why not head over to and check out what it offers. Even Gena Ortega is affiliated with this group.

I love the Groups because it has to do with surnames. I attend chats when I can now. 

For a few years I was unstable to do a class do to family member being very ill. 

Do you know some states still have very little access to the internet.? Yes in 2016 not all areas for the US of A have Internet service. 

Of course we have blog pages too. Come check us out.

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