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This spring I made a new wall arrangement of photographs. I used scanned copies instead of originals and made 2 photos at the same time. I then glued/taped/however the same photo on the back that was on the front. I added names to the one on the back so the names would always be handy. Some I put on the front but the back photo I was able to write right on the person's image so there was no dispute which one was Granny or Auntie!

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Comment by Anita Payne on July 10, 2009 at 9:03pm
That's a great idea.
We are going to do a famiy tree wall in our passageway. starting from us and working out each side with our respective parents, grandparents etc. We did a simular thing for my husbands father when he was in the nursing home. We did a visual family tree, so all photos and just the names under each. It help him keep track of who was who. It was a huge photo frame but worked really well, helped the staff to when visitors came.


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