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Genealogists to assist, share this Information with those in need of help?

  I just came off the Facebook page that is assisting people to inter link with the lost threads of their lives or their deceased familes lives. They are finding and sharing: scraps of photos, crochet work, quilting, photo albums, wedding pictures, Graduation shots, family scenes, picnic and fun events. 

 Since a quilt shop was destroyed and she held many quilts on display, I noticed in the talks that some were aware that there was a Quilt Shop damaged. Others just found them and had no clue whom the may belong to.


 I saw that a man opened his shop up for people to bring found items in and he would store until a family member could be found. Some entire families were wiped out and due to that family not yet arrived into area, they  may not even know that people are working hard to salvage their lives. 

I noticed one T V Station mentioned as assisting, but no radio or other organized group, just people who care.

Can we not as genealogists, historians and keeper of the keys of our familes, step up and in some way reach out to get the word out that this is being done and vital items you think totally gone may be hanging around in this man's Business or anyone who is helping salvage items home. 


 I also never heard if any of our Blogging community had damage or loss? I think if we whom blogged about this did this together that more people would be aware we American's are trying to help our fellow American's that are down now.

  Can you imagine the pain a serviceman over seas must be feeling not to know if family or dear friends survived.
 Yes, the government does notify but with this magnitude of damage and death I am sure many are saying, 'I hope a class mate is okay, I hope my hotrod buddy survived. " 

  The government notifies of death but not of friends situations etc.  


  I hope somehow you as bloggers will pick up the word and share it on your blog about the recovery of the items and if you find something save and notify any of a number of people who are assisting in retrieval. 

  Yes, it is just a you and I group of people not an organized group.  In a hay field, in a pond, side of the road, in the barn, under the fence, in the tree around the chicken house, in my rose bush type of thing.

  If you live near walk out and pick up the remains of others lives and see about getting it back to someone.

  Please do not just toss in trash it may be all they have left of their world.




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