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Gates family of Groton CT and then Leyden,MA Peter Gates who was his father?

Looking for the Father of Peter Gates from Groton, New London, Connecticut. Peter was born 26 Feb 1750. An ancestry tree puts Peter as the son on Zebadiah Gates and Sarah Woodmansey but the Book (found on Google Books) Stephen Gates of Hingham and Landcaster, Massachusetts and his descendants by Charles Otis Gates does not support this. It has a completely different list for children of Zebadiah Gates which does not include children: Mary, John, David (brother of Peter who owned land with him in Leyden (Gate's Hill)), Peter (my direct ancestor), Zebediah, Sarah, Esther, Anna and Mary Gates.

My Peter Gates had a daughter named Lephy (aka Lephe, Lefy) Gates who was born in Leyden.

I have searched through many books on New London, CT but many of them are too early to list Peter's birthdate on 26 Feb 1750 and several Gates families are mentioned.

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