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I recently added a byline to another genalogy site - Finding Pieces Of Me.  Isn't that why we do this, locating relatives live or deceased , knowing that our ancestors make up genectically who we are.  Wondering which side of your family you are most like.  Searching for pieces of yourself. 


Attempting to give a name, find a name , a place in time when someone of your family breathed and walked upon this earth.  Questioning your uniqueness and aspirations.  Were they lost on another?  In the timeline of life we know of the struggles and difficulties they may have encountered, in my case being African American  and Mulattos  and in anyones case the difference between 2011 and the 1800's, the 1900's.  The modern technology we all experience now would never had been dreamt of. I think of the dusty roads that must have been walked.


Finding pieces of me is what I can pass down to my children, who think that looking for dead people may be a little morbid; but as I add a found name there is a sense of excitment.


I hope that everyone researching their ancestors finds a piece of theirself.

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Comment by George Geder on June 4, 2011 at 7:53pm
Amen! (But I'm already in the Choir!) lol




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