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What a joy to expand a branch on your family tree.  I was recently contacted on Facebook by a young woman who asked me if I knew the connection from their family to mine family.  I emailed the young woman and told you I would take a look and see.  Well, after about three hours of researching and comparing trees, I found the branch.  We connect from my 3 great grandfather Martin Etnyre, her connection is his brother Lenhard Eidenire. WOW is all I have to say about connecting with a branch that leads back to the 1700's.  Now I want to find more branches from that  line of siblings.  If you are a Brenner, a Funk, a Long, a Parsons, or your last name is any form of the spelling of Eitniear: Eidenire, Itneyer, Idenire, Eitnire, Erdmayer, Itnire, Etnier, etc.  Please post your family link so we may expand our tree. 

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