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Sometimes all the computer power in the world cannot help you find the
family history records you are looking for. My Great-great-great
grandfather, John Tanner, is a case in point. My research goal was
really to look for John's great-great-grandfather, William Tanner. But
the search for William eventually lead to direct information about John
Tanner's birth, dates that had been passed down for hundreds of years
and had been the subject of a number of books. Unfortunately, not one of
those traditional reports had any reference to a source for the
information concerning John Tanner's birth.

Why John Tanner? He is noted as the first of the New England Tanner's to
join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As mentioned, he
has been the subject of a number of books and at least one movie. The
recently released movie relates his conversion to the LDS Church and
some few events of his life. See Christensen, T. C., Matthew D. Maddox,
Shauna Thompson, Nathan Mitchell, and Michael A. Dunn. Treasure in
heaven the John Tanner story
. Orem, UT: Candlelight Media Group,


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