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Fifty Shades of Green, yes, I said 50 shades of Green. It is less than 10 miles from our home. 
It is a great drive to enjoy and take in the many, many shades of green. 

A month ago you would have had even more green before the grain grasses yellowed and started to tassel. 
Doing this trip nearly daily I was amazed at what was out there to see. 

Wondering how many people zip down that drive and never even see one shade of green or the calming atmosphere it tends to bring. 

One surely needs it on that road because cars whiz like there is no speed limit at times.
Hoping to capture some shots of this amazing corridor of green shades. 

I fear by early fall it may become 30 Shades of Yellow or burnt black. 
We truly need our May Gray and June Gloom to keep the burnt color away.

Have a great day.
By Susi Jones Pentico
Green is a calming color did you know?

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