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One of the things I feel the need for as a research tool is an event database program, and I wonder if anyone else feels the need for auch a thing.

Most lineage-linked genealogy programs allow one to enter and search events relating to people, but I see the need, in addition, to be able to search for people relating to events.

In other words, one would enter events, and enter information about people who participated in the events, whether related to each other or not. This would help genealogists in their family history, seeing events that affected members of their families, but it would also help general historians, biographers, and perhaps authors plotting a novel, who could enter fictitious events for their story.

It would differ from a lineage linked program in that the people in it would not have to be blood relations, but one could enter friends, work colleagues, bosses, teachers, enemies even -- for example, if the event were a robbery, the people involved might be related as perpetrators and victims, and possibly witnesses as well.

Does anyone else feel that such software would be a useful research tool? If so, there's more on my blog at:

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