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Erwin, Murphy Wagon, Burren Free Range Cattle, Dublin Irish Fest, Sean Nos Song

Irish Genealogy and History Show 120
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Among Todays Topics:

1) The Irish Family Name of the Week is: Erwin
2) 21 Irish embassys to be scrapped ?
3) Irish Roots Audio: The Life of Joseph Murphy
4) Searching: Moriarty, Brannagan and Anderson
5) Dublin Irish Festival and Academy end of month !
6) The Great Land Rush to Genealogywise
7) 2009 World Fleadh coming up

Timeline for this weeks audio broadcast:

This Weeks Topics:
Notes from Mike:
Book of the Month:
The Magnificent Seven:
Irish Name of the Day:
Websites of the Week:
Curious News and Notes:

Notes This Week:

1) Dublin Irish Fest Begins July 31 to Aug. 2.
Dublin Academy courses from July 29 - 30.
We will be at the Dublin, Ohio fest at the genealogy tent,
and at the Dublin Academy classes for the Sean Nos class.

Pittsburgh Irish Festival is Sept. 11 - 13.
The Riverplex at Sandcastle.

2) The 9th Annual British Institute
Offering Irish and English Research
The courses are taught by experts in their field of genealogy
research. in Salt Lake City, October 5-9, 2009. $415 for ISBGFH members, $435 for non-members.
See the Web site for more information –
-per Kathleen W. Hinckley

3) The biggest overnight sensation I’ve seen in awhile:

If you are researching your family check it out.
It’s free, you get your own page.
Take a look at my group page, leave your search and join in !

Book of the Month:

Audio Book excerpt #1
Today we will include some excerpts from our first audio book,
Missouri Irish. We cover Joseph Murphy and the Murphy wagon
in some depth in this book. His story began in Ireland as a young
boy. He came to have a major impact on all those who settled in
the American west. Below is a bit of what the life of Joseph Murphy
was all about.
( as read by Molly Nickle, adopted from the book, ‘Missouri Irish’.)

Young Joseph Abandoned
Here we touch on the Life of Joseph Murphy, born in Ireland
and sent to St. Louis as a boy to meet with the Hullen brothers,
his uncles. The Hullen boys had disappeared however, and Joseph
ended up as an apprentice wagon maker to Mathew Doherty.

The Murphy Wagon
The words ‘J. Murphy’ would one day adorn thousands of wagons
on the Californian and Oregon trails. His specially designed
‘Murphy Wagon’ served the Sante Fe Trail as no other. Murphy
came to be the #1 wagon maker for those travelling west, and some 200,000 of his wagons are said to have been used by Americans in
the west…………

For more about this book go to:
__________________________________ _______________________
Coming Up:
The 2009 World Fleadh is coming up !
Which Irish County has the honors… and when

Time to raise our eyes skywards, give thanks, and ask for help !
Here are todays “Magnificent Seven” :
1) Diane Dehn of Portland, Oregon
Your County Mayo genealogy and family history notes has shipped.

2) Denise E. Ford of Mt. Compass, SA, Australia
Your County Down genealogy / family history notes book shipped.

3) Welcome new member Joan Albright of Desboro, Canada
Your County Armagh genealogy and family history notes book has shipped.
Looking for info.on grandfather daniel d. moriarty born approx. 1872
maybe in killarney parents daniel moriarty, mothers maiden name
camiol k. larned.

4) New member Erin Brannagan of New Milford, NJ, welcome.
Searching for Brannagan who came to Jersey City, NJ in May 1848

5) Annie J. Brooks of Dorset, in the U.K., your ‘The Fall of Irish Chiefs
and Clans”, v.1 of the Conquest of Ireland has shipped.

6) New member Diane Ricker of Falmouth, ME, searching for lineage
of James Anderson, reportedly from Moneymore, County Londonderry, who was one of those who emigrated to the US in the 1718 5-ship
Ulster migration. He supposedly was one of the original settlers of Londonderry, New Hampshire, USA, and my 6th gr-grandfather.

7) Deborah Thomson of Research, Vict., Australia, your Annals of
Ireland by the Four Masters has shipped !

Check out our online search list at:

Thanks to all of our members - without you these
podcasts would not be possible - !

Irish Family Name of the Day:


Related Spellings of the Name
Irwin, Erwin, Irvine, Ervine, Irving, Erwing….

Varient Spelling Groups: #950, 951
(Taken from the Master Guide to the Various Spellings
of Irish Family Names)

History of the Name
The names of Irvine and Ervine, are often found equated with
the names of Irwin and Erwin. They actually represent two
distinct families. Note the place name of Irvinestown in Fermanagh.
This marks the former family of the name, who had many holdings
there and in Donegal and surrounding areas. Some give the name
of Irvine as coming from a Scottish place name, others give Irwin
as of English origins…….
The Irwin family of Rathmoyle, Co. Roscommon descends from
John Irwin of Ballinderry, b. 1618. The Irwin family of Derrygore,
Co. Fermanagh descends from George Irwin who died in Derrygore
in 1791. The Irwin family of Mount Irwin, Co. Armagh is given in
the Irish Book of Arms, as are the other two families cited.

copyright 2007, IGF, based in part upon
The Book of Irish Families, great and small

Irish Family Coats of Arms
Here is some of the information given in the Irish Book of Arms

1) Irwin of Rathmoyle, Co. Roscommon
2) Irwin of Mount Irwin, Co. Armagh
3) Irwin of Derrygore, Co. Fermanagh
Coming Up Later in this episode:
What it costs for a phone line in County Kerry….
Cows still graze free in the Burren, Co. Clare

The Free Master Index Search of Irish Names
at finds the family name many times
including the following examples :

1) Erwin, among early Irish in Albany (JAIHS 23)
2) Erwin: Milesian Families of Ireland
3) Erwin: Irish Names and Surnames by Woulfe
4) Erwin: The Families of County Donegal, Ireland (2)
5) Erwin: Surnames of Ireland with 200 maps
6) Erwinge, C. : Special Census of Ireland, Pynnars Survey
7) Erwin: Names of Irish Passengers to America (4)

Websites of the Week:

1) ERWIN: Genealogy Queries

Ervin, Irvin, Erwin, Irwin and related surnames …

2) Irish Roots Community on Genealogywise

3) International Genealogy Festival at the University of Strathclyde
Tuesday 21 to Friday 24 July 2009, Glascow, Scotland
A Supported Event in Scotland’s National Homecoming Celebrations

4) My Favorite Sean Nos Video

Curious News and Notes
1) Tim O’Connor from the Gap of Dunloe, Co. Kerry got the sad
news that it will cost him 29,000 Euro to have a land phone line
installed at home.
You see, it would take 43 poles and 2,400 metres of cable, so its
a mobile phone for all the folks out there….

2) Cows to stay on free in the Burren
Government ministers will allow the program to continue till the
end of the year.
The cows have been grazing on overgrown sites such as that at Poulnabrone dolmen, improving water quality and diversity……

3) Seems that an Irish Board made some cost cutting suggestions:
a) All water use to be monitored and paid for (pay by the glass?)
b) Teachers should not get 30 days unmonitored sick leave
c) No more personal assistants to judges
d) Scrap the 21 least important embassys and sell some buildings
e) If your over 65 you would now have to pay for a passport.
f) Stop the 1 million Euro project to clean up graffiti - and make those
convicted of minor crimes do the clean up !–have-to-survive-without-1826412.html

4) World Fleadh comes to County Mayo
The World Fleadh, Ireland’s Traditional Folk & Celtic Music Festival,
will be held in County Mayo. The World Fleadh is now recognised as
Ireland’s biggest Irish & Celtic Music Festival. The festival was first
staged in Kerry in 2006 and was set up as a transient event which
would move from location to location until it found its natural home.

Festival organisers are delighted to announce that The World Fleadh
2009 will be staged at Castlebar, Co. Mayo between July 31st and
August 8th. The lineup:

Frankie Gavin & De Dannan (featuring Dolores Keane, Mary Black,
Máirtín O Connor & and all new band) Sharon Shannon Big Band •
Shane MacGowan • Saw Doctors • Randy Travis • Moving Hearts •
Damien Dempsey • Mary Black • Kilfenora Céilí Band • The High Kings
Hal Ketchum • Martina McBride • Crooked Still • Dessie O Halloran •
Women Of Ireland • Heidi Talbot & John McCusker • Dave Munnelly
Band • Pauline Scanlon • Carmina • Georgette Jones • Mike Denver • Jimmy Buckley • Margo • Matt Cunningham Band • Tulla Céilí Band • Johnny Reidy Céilí Band • Copperplate Céilí Band • Brian Boru Céilí
Band • Jeff Tuttle • Cherish the Ladies and many more.

5) A sign of maybe too popular times…tourists bring, well…
Due to too much horse dung being left on site, those famous
jaunting carts have been banned from Killarney after refusing
to diaper the horses.

6) Tourists to Ireland drop 18% in May. U.S. remains even from
last year, Britain shows biggest drop of 23%. Can you say ‘Lower
prices are here? ’

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