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Do You Use Social Media? Facebook or Pinterest for Genealogy?


 Having found many relatives on Facebook how about you?  Filling in the blanks has become fun and interesting because you can see their faces right away and that is so much fun.

 Recently receiving a picture of hubbies Great Grandfather I know where his eyebrows probably came from.  It is a young man of 19 in the picture. The only other one he is in 60's, and side profile.

  Not gotten the hang of Pinterest but others are constantly talking about the help it has given them for research.  I know Facebook has been great for the Scot, Jones, Pentico, Benninghoff kin.  Needing to tackle the Tatum, Brown, Kimbrough lines. Also have met some neat Duvall kin. 

  Need to dig up more Plants/z and Morrow and Tuttle kin, maybe they have some pictures to share.

  Sis Mary Pentico Nelson is looking for NANKE, JIPP, TATUM, CASPER and BROWN too.

  Recently linked my sister in law, Peggy to a known researcher in her family. That felt so good.

  How about you have you found some links.  I also found four kin in the  chats here on

  The chats are fun.  Instant reaction and sharing, makes things so groovy.  Try it out, OK?     : > )

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