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David Clark Moren 1841 Sevier, Arkansas Territory, United States is my great great grandfather. He passed away in 1928 in Dresden, Navarro County. His children were Thomas Mathew, Elijah David ( my GG), and "Betty" Augusta Emily Moren. My grandfather is Woodrow Wilson Moren and just reciently passed away. My father is Woodrow Carlton Moren.

I am wondering if anyone knows for sure who his parents are and has any hard proof. I would love to be able to trace him out of the United States, and find the country of origion of my maiden name. I would also like to know if the name changed over time. Any hard facts are most welcome, as we are truely at an empass.

David Clark Moren's wife's name: Emily Augusta "Jackie" Taylor, born 17 Sept 1843, Alabama/South Carolina/USA, passed 10 Aug 1907 Navarro, Texas, United States

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