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Curran, Curren, Currin - Horrace H Curran and Marinda Waldron Curran

For several years I have been searching for information on my Great Grandfather, Horrace H Curran and his wife Marinda.  I believe they were married in 1854+-.  According to 1860 U.S. Census they lived in Town of Chatham, PA and had three children; Silles, Alice and Mary.  My grandfather, John J, was born in 1868 and his death certificate indicates he was born in Lawrenceville, PA.

Its almost as if he fell off the earth after the 1860 Census - I've found no further information about him.  Research has led me to believe that Marinda's parent migrated from upstate NY to Wisconsin and perhaps Marinda and Horrace went with them.  Grandfather John obviously returned to NY at some point and lived his life in the PA/NY border area.

Any and all information would be warmly and gratefully accepted.  :)  

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Comment by Dorothy J. Smith on February 22, 2015 at 6:32pm

And that is how genealogy works!!! I have been looking for 70 years now for 3 of my ancestors I know when and where they were born but just can't find them anywhere.

In fact one family member was listed as an orphan at the age 18 still no listing of parents.  He was born in 1761 and that was in 1779 just when the battling was coming to Pa, NY and Ma so I gather they could be Tories in the Rev War and their son went to their summer home in Winchendon, Ma.  He was supposedly born in Ma.  I have pages on line for Ma. and he is not listed anywhere.  same as for the one Nova scotia in 1795 he defiantely is from tory parents and he is no where.  The one I want to find most was b in England in 1759 was 18 when he landed in Pa in 1773 and in NY a bit later.

All 3 of three of these have to be Loyalists during the Rev. War!!

So don't give up most of the people do come to Boston, NY and other ports I will check for Horrace in my ship list for Boston.


Comment by Barbara Curran Livingston on February 22, 2015 at 4:09pm

Hi Dot, thanks for comment. I think my Irishman, Horrace Curran,  must have been brought to U.S. by  a leprechaun because I certainly can't find anything about him.  He married into the Waldron family and - jeeesh, there are a bunch of them. I finally gave in and joined and have been able to find a few new things - but not about Horrace.  I have found Horrace as Horace, Harry, Harsey, Harser.  Horrace is listed as the father on my grandfather's death certificate and so I'm going to assume that is correct spelling.  


Comment by Dorothy J. Smith on February 22, 2015 at 1:20pm

My sister had married a Curran and they came from Ireland to Massachusetts, they are still here.

course my sister and Paul Curran and now Jeff Curran have all passed on.  their dau and sister still lives in Massachusetts along with all of Paul's families.

I have done their genealogy, but I don't recognize the name of Horace and Miranda Curran.





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