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We often do large photo archiving projects for families that involve scanning and creating digital records of photos albums, boxes of loose photos, newspaper articles, certificates and other family mementos that a family wants preserved. Families want this service because it provides a backup should anything happen to the original as well as a architected filing storage system that makes it simple to find any photo within minutes. If you have a large family, there is no need to argue over who gets which photo from your parents’ collection. New print sets can easily be created and shared among all family members.

We recently did a large restoration project that involved a family bible belonging to the family’s deceased parents. It was a beautiful leather-bound bible that had a variety of themed blank pages in the back to keep notes of baptisms, confirmations and weddings as well as spaces for photographs and family notations. The family had created meticulous hand-written notations as well as included many photos and newspaper clippings of announcements and the bible had been well-worn over many years. We scanned all the these themed pages but it probably would have been a good idea to have the bible re-bound, although of course, that would only leave the one copy. The family consisted of 5 siblings each with their own families. Who would get the copy?
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