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Concepting and Scriptwriting Tips for Family Video Productions

Part 2 of a series about capturing the joy of family events on video

Last week I introduced this series about creating videos to capture the joy of family events and special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and holiday get-togethers. Now let’s delve a bit deep into the process by discussing the first of four main phases used in multimedia productions – concepting / script writing.

First, try to develop a concept that really captures the spirit and central theme of the event and carry that through when writing narrative dialog and text for titles. Paint appropriate pictures with your words to support that theme, then consistently use them as the main creative inspiration for all parts of the project, including visual design elements and for deciding on appropriate music. Think of your production as a complete concept where every component works seamlessly together.

Also do a little research on your subjects about their personal and family histories, the major influences that helped shape their lives, and who or what is important to them. Then use that knowledge and insight to create an even more compelling, entertaining script as well as for noting possible interview questions.

You might also want to consider injecting a little humor or drama. But be careful not to get too corny or heavy handed. Be tasteful, be subtle, go easy on jokes or critical social commentary, and generally be mindful of people’s feelings. This is after all a celebration of the joy they share and your “cast” will be your ultimate primary audience. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some good-natured fun or tell a more serious story.

Something that many people leave until the very end of a production is writing copy for titles. A professional scriptwriter does not treat them as an afterthought. Instead, they are researched and developed as a part of the scriptwriting process.

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