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Charles is the third child of Edwin Lee. As in the blog about Edwin he didn't show up in any Federal Census until the 1870s. He was married to Elizabeth Van Norwick and they lived in Binghamton NY. He was an Engineer but I'm not sure which railroad company he worked for while in New York.

He had two daughters born in New York - Alice and Sadie Feiam. Alice was born in January 1876 and Sadie in 1881.

My cousin and I surmised the reason he moved to Minnesota was because of the railroad. He wanted to be an Engineer and the competition in Broome County put him low on the totem pole. The west was looking for Engineers so he moved to Stillwater MN in the 1880's. He and his family eventually settled in New Scandia MN.

While in MN he and Libby had four more children - Charles Edwin, Laverne June & Louise Hady (twin girls) and Sidney Key.

They moved to North Dakota in the early 1900's. They followed their daughter Alice and her husband August Dahlquist to Steele, Kidder County. Alice and August had 6 children - 4 sons and 2 daughters. August passed away in North Dakota and Alice moved to Vancouver, Washington and passed away in 1941.

Sadie married a Louis (Lewis) Hobb. I'm not sure if they married in Minnesota or North Dakota. They had 3 sons and one adopted daughter. I've traced them back to Kentucky so more research is needed. Sadie passed before 1941 because she is not mentioned in Alices obituary.

Sidney married Marie Shaefer and she passed on. Later he married Mary. I do not have much information on these two wives. Sidney passed away in VanCouver Washington in 1958.

Edwin Charles was born April 20 1885 and he died December 14 1890. Laverne and Louise are another mystery to me. Laverne is shown dying September 18 1902. As for Louise I'm not sure what happened to her.

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