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Randy Seaver's
post on Genea-Musings
entitled "Can you document all names back 10 generations" highlights a
few interesting issues. One of the first is the fact that I write this
blog from way outside the "in" group of genealogy bloggers. But
one thing I do have is constant contact with hundreds of relatively
unsophisticated genealogists every week. Last week, for instance, I
taught 9 different classes on various aspects of genealogical research
and programs. This while still working full time and having other
commitments including writing this blog.

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Comment by William Douglas on March 10, 2010 at 7:12am
That is an interesting challenge!

I am 'down' one at the 6th generation, 6 at the 7th, and 12 at the 8th, which is as far back as my software takes me.

That actually helps focus on tasks that should be higher on the 'To do' list - if only I was organised enough to have one!





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