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Bulking up Spanish Language Records at Record Search

What is the most widely spoken language in the world, outside of
Chinese? Well, it depends on how and who you count as a native language
speaker. On any list of top languages, Spanish is either number two
behind Chinese or very close to the top. Most estimates put the number
of Spanish speakers in the world at around 329 million. There are
estimated to be over 20 million Spanish speakers in the U.S. alone. See
study by the Summer Institute for Linguistics and other studies as
quoted by Saint
Ignatius High School
and Infoplease. I
don't think anyone would consider genealogy as a widely popular pastime
or interest for Spanish speakers, but that might change as more and more
Spanish language records become available on the Internet.

Record Search
continues to add more records, especially from
Spanish speaking countries. Recent additions include records added to
the 1930 Mexico Census, Mexico, Catholic Church Records, Mexico, Civil
Registrations 1860 - 1950, and Mexico, Distrito Federal, Catholic Church
Records 1886 to 1933.


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