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So far my blog "The Hillman's of Elgin County" has repayed the time and effort I have put into it for the last two years. Last year a first cousin on my mother's side got in touch with me through the blog. I had not seen her since the early 1960's. My memory of her was of a little girl and it was quite gratifying to see and her from her and to find out about the rest of my uncle's family.
Just this morning a second comment on my blog was from a daughter of my uncle Bruce's widow. Uncle Bruce was killed in an automobile accident in July, 1945. His English bride came to Canada after his death and then returned to England. My generation has often wondered what happened at the time(Dad's generation are largely closed mouthed about these events), and what happened to her. It turns out that she remarried and moved to South Africa and is still alive. I very much look forward to future conversations.
Blogs can be useful after all. Just don't expect to make any money out of them. Oh well, one out of two is not bad.

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