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For some time now I have been using Statcounter( to track statistics for my own blog Its free and easy to insert into the blog by following instructions.

Some of the statistics are useful when deciding what to put into the blog. Some are just for fun. For example, I find that people use Google96.87%,Yahoo!21.53%,Google Blog Search10.76%,AOL UK10.76% ,Bing10.76%, and MSN10.76% as their search engines.

The country of origin are 43%Canada, 31%United States, 4%United Kingdom, 4%South Africa, 4%Australia, .5%New Zealand, 1%Germany. A fun statistic. However, looking at state and provincial numbers can give one an idea where the Hillman name can be found today. Ontario, Canada, Michigan, New York, California, lead the list. In my family finding interest in Michigan and Ontario is not a big surprise since the family spread largely through South-Western Ontario, and northern Michigan.

Included in statcounter is also key words, popular pages, maps, visits and returning visits. I have always been one to want to track where I have been before I map out where I have to go. Statistics like these can help.

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