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Truthfully, I've usually chuckled at my nieces, nephews, and friends who've created pages on MySpace and Facebook; and I'll admit to being mystified at the attraction of such websites. Last Christmas a twenty-something niece regaled us with her account of refusing the "friendship" of another MySpace member. "Why should I accept her as a friend," she emoted, "when she was horrible to me in high school?" I howled, wondering how anyone could take such stuff seriously.

So here I am - I who gritted my teeth when encouraged years ago by a professional mentor to get out there and network - I've become a member of Genealogy Wise. The joke's on me. For nearly two years now I've been a self-taught family researcher. Perhaps I shouldn't even use that term, given the risk of offending those out there who are actually deserving of the title. I've been searching alright - but often in a hit-and-miss fashion. It's taken me awhile to understand the wisdom of the advice genealogists share in their publications and postings. Now I realize that a site like Genealogy Wise can be a valuable tool, not just an entertaining pastime.

Since joining the site and several special interest groups, I've done more reading than communicating. Yet the little communication I've had with another member has left me with a good feeling of kinship. Yes - it does feel good to talk with people who share my passion about family and giving substance and value to the lives of those who came before me by documenting their presence on the planet. It feels good to get a response other than "Gee - that's nice" when I articulate my desire to find those family members who paved the way for the rest of us.

Thanks Genealogy Wise.

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Comment by Katie Heitert Wilkinson on August 23, 2009 at 3:36pm
Ursula - I hope I didn't offend you or others who are proponents of social networking sites. I was just mocking my own lack of awareness. Your suggestion to join Facebook is certainly worthy of serious consideration. Finding all those 'cousins' would be worth biting the bullet.

Comment by Ursula Ann Martin on August 22, 2009 at 5:55pm
Hi Katie, I've been socialising on the internet for about 15 years but I am a computer nerb, so it's expected of me.

I do suggest however (please bare with me) that you join Facebook. There are LOADS of family groups on it. I myself am a member of an elite group relating to my Great Grandmother and I've met lots of 'cousins' on there.

Bite the bullet and join, I think you'll be pleasently surprised :-)





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