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So how goes your Genealogy?  Do you use Social Media?  Do you use the message boards on

Do you put  your information out there for others to find you?  Do you Write Queries to the Quarterlies or Societies you belong?  DO YOU BELONG TO A SOCIETY?

Yes, it was a shout out to wake you up to being aware how much a society can assist you if they are an active group.

Even if home bound you can get a lot of helpful information from your local group. Many times you can get help from away groups also. I have excellent success with societies in Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, California, Wyoming and Idaho. The Michigan Archives are awesome and if your doing New York Research you should plan a stop in and visit for about 3 days. I suspect I could spend a month in their archives.

So get up and if nothing else go to Facebook and look at the various societies that are on Facebook and join them.
Having received some super help from NEHGS group, I actually renewed my regular membership which has not been of much help.

Please let me know if you have finally signed on or signed up for a society?


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