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 Are you preparing your Christmas News or your yearly letter to preserve the important things for the last 12 months?

 This is the perfect time of the year to gather the wool and put the thoughts in print for family and close friends may learn how this year has faired.  Genealogically, it will help preserve memories of events, socially it helps to keep the family members in the loop, whether near or far.  

 Due to a Medical situation last year, my letter did not go out to but a few. This year it will be added to this years as if received back then, for if your keeping a binder or folder of family information.  

 I so not happy the government lost first hand information that can never be replaced by their carelessness of loosing the box of letters, cards, new pillows and my address books current and antiquated that I always  kept.  Having taken an old atlas and marking the  towns where family had lived was an adventure for me. Yes, I have been to some of those towns.
Now I have no addresses to see from ancient past, very sad. 

 So learning a note at the end of the year can help keep family both distant and near to keep track of events for the past year, to chronicle events and add to their trees the flesh on the bones.

 My thoughts are a sentence or two about each month's events, good or bad. Covering some of the immediate family that most would maybe like to hear about if their doing genealogy. 

  Sometimes I set down mid year and pull out the letters received and reread what is really happening in our world of family and friends.  Normally do it again before  writing the next note for the following year. Deaths, births, marriages, trips, vacations and the like are topics of interest.  Picture sharing time.

 Gather the thoughts and put on paper, share and enjoy the rewards.

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