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Genealogist's Dilemma

While looking up my family tree
A horrid sight there I did see
This horse thief stared right down at me
I turned around and tried to flee

Please stop he called I'm Great Gramp Bob
And horses just my side line job
Don't be too quick to be a snob
With the elite I did hob nob

Please do not hide this sad research
I was a pillar of the church
Until I did our name besmirch
And toppled from my lofty perch

For if my acts do you displease
Before you cheer my obsequies
Search your own life for errors please
And any deeds that smell like cheese

The acts that you perform today
Will they look white or dapple-grey
And in the future will they say
Oh no, I have this DNA.

Arthur L. Glasgow
Copyright © 1997

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