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I could never understand why my in-laws divorced in Alabama. They lived in Oceanside, NY back in the fifties. I knew that out of state couples could divorce in Nevada after establishing residency, but Alabama? One day I was Google-fishing and ran across a web site that mentioned the Alabama “quickie divorce scandal” Paydirt!

In the fifties and sixties, Alabama law stated that residency requirements were met if one party intended to settle in Alabama and the other party agreed in writing to an Alabama divorce. Thousands of people obtained these quickie divorces after a few hours of residency. Many were even divorced without knowing it. Others remarried and later found out their divorces were not valid.

So; an economical and fast way for New Yorkers to part ways. Down to south for a day or two, and then back home to a new life. Time magazine had an excellent article about the divorce scandal in the May 15, 1964 issue.

Hmmm, wonder if their divorce was really legal.

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