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African American Genealogy in Rural Southern Areas

African American Genealogy in Rural Southern Areas
We have now started to book a series of workshops in rural areas in order to do our best to collect and then preserve the remarkable family stories of older African Americans living in the most remote regions of the United States.  
African American Genealogy with Fallon Green will kick off this series with its Lowcountry Genealogy Series - with special emphasis on the Gullahs - at the Lobeco Branch Library in Beaufort County, SC.  African American Genealogy with Fallon Green has partnered with Library Science Professional and Lobeco Library Branch Manager, Gina Molter to bring to Beaufort localized and affordable family history research to those living and working at the outskirts of the county.  

Senior populations in many of these southern areas are very isolated and the seniors living there do not speak easily with outsiders and so getting their family stories for local district and state collections is darn near impossible.  We hope with our project to inspire other groups of professional genealogists to donate their time researching genealogies within populations that otherwise would not be able to afford large amounts of genealogical research assistance.  Our eight-workshop series starting in August will educate and inform Library patrons on local, state and federal records research.  For more information on the Lobeco Library Branch Workshop contact Gina Molter at 843-255-6475 or send an email to

For additional info on African American Genealogy with Fallon Green speaking dates go to:

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