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 If you have a webpage that is paid by a credit card, any time that credit card has problems, ie someone trying to hack account or use it illegally, your bank will fix the problem. What you have to watch for is did they notify your people that are paid monthly from that Credit Card.  I spoke to mine in May and all seemed to run smoothly, until two days ago.

 Suddenly my webpage of more than 20 years disappears, the back up site still showing. Strange things happening, here.  I get my bill and see that this month the Bank is not paying for the initial account but is for the secondary account.

 Fortunately, I had been on our site two days before, so I caught it before it was dismantled. Calling,  I spoke with a pleasant lady that could not figure the problem either.  But I told her you did not bill my CC this monthly, Why?

 It takes her some time, what we learned was they were still billing the old CC( NO IDEA WHY, they had been given the new CC # in May) they also were billing the other site to the right #.  That left her more confused to why the mix up.

  So my thoughts are, glad I contacted before I contacted the bank. But if you have a site connected to a credit card, triple check that they have the data correct. I would do it the following month even if it appeared okay to  make sure this type of thing doesn't happen to you. 

  Many years of work on that web site.  Much of our sourcing for our data is also posted there.

  If you have Huffman/Hoffman, DuVall/Duval, Plants/z, Fry/e, and many other southwest Pa names relating to Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania and Ohio are there.

  We also have much on Coal Mines, Cemetery lists, DAR Information, Census, Durbin, Fayette Co., Surnames,

and much  more information.  

   We hope it will help you.

  And Liz, Elizabeth I thank you very much.

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