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A Topic I Keep Speaking Up About - Our Separating Methods

  Our Separating Methods

  Not wanting to harp, growl and howl, I have been saying for at least four years and each year it gets worse, we have created a Separating Method for doing Genealogy.

  Today, having received my UpFront with NGS, I wanted to leap for joy that someone else noticed.

UpFront with NGS: Technological Divide in Genealogy -- Yes, it does...

  Two years ago when dear friend William Dollarhide and Leland Metzler gave us a fabulous seminar and I was able to be there, walking around the tables, speaking with guests the room resonated with the possible separating.

  Having had a good chat with Bill after the Seminar regarding the matter, I recall he was a bit surprised at my comments.  Having just returned from Michigan and going again it was made very clear to me that not everyone had a computer and if they did they paid dearly for what little service they were getting.  

  Later contacting family in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Arkansas, Texas and other places, I did learn my theory was correct. Not every one even has the ability to have internet, let alone quick fast communication unless it was the telephone.  

  Mom's home in Sonoma County, California had dial up access when lines were free. Cell Phone service is deplorable there.  They even have a tower in the little town but to get it to work you drive your car under the tower to make your call so it does not disconnect.  But they do not have a flower shop either.

  Attempting to keep reminding people, not everyone is connected.  Whether it be for fire, earthquake, tornado or flood not everyone is connected. I have seen police put out reports that not everyone is getting, the same for Fire and other early warnings.  The Lucky Few receive these messages.  Even the President used the media to reach people, not everyone gets that media if you live in the outback of our country on ranches, farms and quiet away homes.

  Small communities that do not have enough people that want the service or that high a fee or can afford that high a fee are being left behind.  I still write letters and make phone calls. Do you?

  Do not leave your kin behind that are not offered these services by ignoring the extra it takes to call them, write them and keep them in the loop.  Some of my best contacts have come from people not in an access area.

  Michigan is one of those states that when the leaves are on the trees reception is sketchy, when the leaves fall the reception is far better.  I do love those leaves on the trees but this would apply to any area with lots of trees and very little choice of service.  I suspect WV, VA, NC, SC, Tenn, KY and many other places have this situation. The lay of the land also affects the outcome of reception.   

  I see she even mentions Maryland, I bet almost every state has non access due to multi reasons. 

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