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A Different Approach.... Is iIt Needed

It seems there are so many sites out there that researchers, yes even older researchers are getting a bit frustrated.

My serious concern is the loss of with their surname files and  lists for regions you can share your data with people with.  Have not heard how New York is doing with our records either. Now that is a state of major need for me on four lines.  

So reading NGS, NEHGS and many other written published papers.  I am learning of a  couple of things we need to address. I may write to Pat to see if her group may consider a discussion on it.

Boundaries, yes boundaries, regarding time periods prior to 1850.  Even more so prior to gaining our independence from the United Kingdom.

Luckily many records were kept in the colonies but more records were sent to England, Not all data is here for your research. Sometimes it takes a trip across the water via email, mail, phone or in person to resolve some issues.

I am hearing that the boundary problem is really semi ingrained into researchers.  They see the states shape and think it was always that shape.  I am not sure if not every state had lines changed and moved. 

Last I heard this is even happening today. Two states in the south are squabbling due to river and dam and boundaries. Have not heard if  resolved yet.

So cluster research is excellent to help us.  Also doing research in groups is awesome.  Find a group of people looking in the region you are and exchange information and you may unlock a brick wall.  Generally Societies are good for this type of event.  But Surname groups can do it via emails good old site. 

If we loose that site and the Surname groups where will we exchange our data to solidify our data.  

A 7th cousin is great if he or she carries the data your missing a 3rd cousin ditto the same.  The distance is not the 

problem it is the lack of sharing the information.

I have found the We're Related App to be very insightful. Not always accurate but sure is very helpful to me for informational suggestions.

Also the share buttons on and Ancestry and are helpful also.  Wiki actually puts out a letter regarding data potential.  

So with the year about to end.  Put on the thinking cap and maybe come up with different approaches to your Research.  

Hope your Halloween was Holy and blessed and your Thanksgving Season is joyful and abundant for sharing. 

Hope to talk to you again before Christmas descends on us.  Also Pray for our Nation please.

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