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Well, here I am again...havent made much progress on my genealogy lately. Im excited because my grandsons Y-DNA results were just posted on Sorensons. However, Sorensons doesnt assign a haplogroup to his results. They want you to go to another site, pay them, and they will interpret the results. If I were rich that wouldnt be a problem, but...we all know that times are a bit rough right now. Im dying to know his results though because there is supposedly some Native American in there somewhere, although, almost everybody says that or hopes for that. I just think its the coolest thing to know that you belong to one of the oldest generations of mankind, the original peoples of this land. What a gift! Well, I guess Id best get going and feed my animals and get things ready for work. I have a feeling that its going to be a long day tomorrow. Well, good night and take care everybody.

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