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Who are we? Besides living organisms, we are a story, the details (sub-stories) are connected to other people’s stories and they are part of community stories, family stories, national stories…. you get where I’m going here.

I have always seen life from the perspective that there are the facts of what happened, and what we make those facts mean. The sum of those two things are our stories. They make up who we are, how we see the world, how others come to know us, and what we think of as important in the world.

Our storytelling takes many forms. Art, in all it’s varied forms, is storytelling. History is one big story although often the facts and what they mean can get mixed up as mere mortals try to interpret what actually happened.

While there are exceptions to the rule, most people love to tell their stories. Particularly when they know they have an active and listening audience. I have had so much fun with friends where, in talking, we find out that we have stories in common. Often it can turn into a story escalation, “Oh yeah? Well wait till you hear this one!”

Tuesday March 20th, is World Storytelling Day. According to Wikipedia, it “is a global celebration of the art of oral storytelling.

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