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1869 Call for Census Takers, (Is this for real??)

I was researching some archived list messages, gleening bits and pieces of old information when I came across this posting. It is suppose to be an actual ad, a recruiting article for Census Takers in 1869, Bexar Co., TX

The original poster failed to include the link or source so please just read it for the humor and not the "god's honest truth". If this is a real newspaper or handbill notice, it's a wonder any one has a surname spelled correctly. ;-)


Air cowntys groan purty fass in resent years and now in 1869
hits a hard an time consoomin job fur one feller to cownt all thez

The fedal govmint wants us tew cownt all peepl whut has cum to
the frunteers of Txsis so they can no whur evrabody is an peepl
fer yers to com can fin who an whur thur and sesters livd an we
kned sumbodee whut can rit reel gud and kan spel purty good is
kunsiderd a ass set to the job. an hit wud be a hep ifn yew had a
gud mul to rid fer hit is a fer pece to walk a foot tew dew this
mpotunt okeepayshun.

not jus enny body kan dew this here job. Hit tks sum body with
a edakashun wich a gud meny peepl dont got rownd heer.

If'n yew tak this mportunt job fer the Yewnited Stats uv
Amuracus govmint, yew kin cawnt them peepl sowth uv town and
ile cawnt them in the northe part ov tha cowntee.

now theys a hole bunch ov thim Jermuns hav setled down in the
sowth ind of this cawnty whut kant hrdlee talk amuracun ner
kan they spel wurth nuthin so yew wil hav to do tha bes you kan
with thim.

Dont wury bout thim narweeguns down there, they all say they
name is yohansun enyhow, yew jest kowntum and put sum ledders
afrunt uv yohansen an sum nummber tween 1 an a hunert as they
haint meny ovem liv much pas a hunert enyhow.

bee reel keerful an git evarbode fer sum day sum body may wunt
tew fin thur four bares an this wil bee tha plaze tew finum.

sined: jHon Dayvuhsun
Cheef Cinses Taykur
Bayhar Cownte txsis

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Comment by Sherry Hightower on July 28, 2009 at 6:59pm
It may have been someone's idea of genealogical humor. The original posting of this was 1998 so it is VERY old by Internet standards. Still, it is funny regardless.
Comment by D. Jane Carpenter on July 28, 2009 at 2:30pm
Out of interest I just check the 1870 census of Bexar County, Texas. There was no John Davison, Davidson etc. listed. Of the names I spot checked all appeared to me to be readable. Just my 2 Cents.
Comment by patsy adkins on July 28, 2009 at 2:08pm
oh my gosh Sherry.. how interesting reading is that girlfriend.. Im just wondering if anybody could understand what they were saying.




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