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1686 Brooklyn Reformed Dutch Church Membership List


It was difficult to prevail upon any settled clergyman to leave his charge in Holland and brave the trials of a newly settled country of Nieuw Amsterdam, yet two newly ordained ministers--Hermanus Blom and Henricus Selyns--did just that.


Blom, a candidate for the ministry, had been induced to come out to Nieuw Amsterdam. Arriving about the last of April 1659, he received and accepted a call from the prosperous village of Esopus (now Kingston, NY). He soon returned to Holland to pass his examination and received his ordination before the Classis [the governing body of the Reformed Dutch Church].


Meanwhile, the people of Breuckelen on the western end of Long Island were left virtually without pastoral leadership. The badness of the roads to the closest congregation at Flatbush severely limited travel in those days.  That, coupled with the Rev. Mr. Joannes Theodorus Polhemus' inability to minister to them--on account of his age and infirmity--drove the church membership into an intense argument between the Domine and his congregation over the forced payment of his salary, upheld by a special tax levied by Gov. Pieter Stuyvesant.


Denied pastoral care, the congregation had petitioned the Governor and Council for permission to have a minister resident in their town.  That application was favorably regarded, and on 1 March 1660, when Blom left Holland on his return to New Netherland aboard the ship Beaver, he was accompanied by the Rev. Henricus Selyns, under appointment to preach at Breuckelen.


Henricus Selyns was the son of Jan Selyns and Agneta Kock, of Amsterdam, Netherlands, where he was born in 1636. He was educated for the ministry and his ancestors were clergymen in the Reformed church in Holland for a century previous to his birth.


Letters of accreditation in hand, the two young ministers arrived in Nieuw Amsterdam in the spring of 1660.  However, Gov. Stuyvesant, by whom alone all public appointments--ecclesiastical as well as civil--could be accredited, was then absent at Esopus [Kingston], negotiating a peace with the Indians.  And when that had been concluded, he paid a visit to Fort Orange. To both of these places the two young clergymen followed him to deliver their letters.  So it was not until 7 Sept. 1660 that Rev. Mr. Henricus Selyns was formally installed into the church at Breuckelen.

To supplement his salary, Rev. Selyns was also permitted to officiate on Sunday afternoons at Gov. Stuyvesant's farm, Bouwerie (now Bowery), New York, where he taught Negroes and the poor whites. The Bouwerie was a "sort of stopping-place and pleasure-ground of the Manhattans." Here, his audiences consisted mostly of people from the city, and, besides Stuyvesant's own household, about forty negroes who lived in that neighborhood, in what was known as the "Negro quarter." After Selyns' installation at Breuckelen, Dominie Polhemus confined his services to Midwout and Amersfoort.


Church members residing within this vicinity, numbered in all 27 persons, inclusive of one elder and two deacons. The population of the village at this time was 134 persons, in 31 families.  The bounds of the new Dominie's charge included " The Ferry," "The Waal-boght," and "The Gujanes." Measures were taken for the speedy erection of a church and, in the meantime, the congregation worshipped in a barn. 


Under the able ministrations of the new pastor, the church in Breuckelen increased until, in 1661, it numbered 52 communicants, many of whom were admitted on certificates from Nieuw Amsterdam and from churches in the Netherlands. In the same year, the village of Breuckelen received from the West India Company--on the request of Rev. Mr. Selyns--a bell for their church, which "might also be used, in time of danger, to call the county people thereabouts together."


It would seem that the Rev. Mr. Selyns had not, as late as 1662, become an actual resident of the town over which he exercised a pastoral charge.  In a petition to Gov. Stuyvesant and the ruling Councilors, the congregation "had promised to contribute as their share towards the Rev. Mr. Selyns' salary; and they find that the community would be more willing and ready to bring in their respective quotas, if the aforesaid Rev. Mr. Selyns would come to reside within their village, inasmuch as they have already been at the expense of building a house for him."


The outcome of the petition is not recorded, but Rev. Selyns in all probability moved to Breuckelen not long afterward.  He married at Nieuw Amsterdam on the 9 July 1662 his first wife, Machtelt, daughter of Hermann Specht of the city of Utrecht, "a young lady of rare personal beauty and worth." {his own description of her}  The couple had one child, a daughter, born while he was at Breuckelen.


In 1664, the church of Breuckelen was called upon to part with its beloved pastor, Selyns. His time having expired, he yielded to the urgings of his aged father in Holland. Having obtained permission from the Lords Directors of the West India Company, he was respectfully dismissed from his church on the 17 July 1664, and sailed for home on 23 July in the ship Beaver, the same vessel which had conveyed him to America.


Selyns remained unsettled for two years and, in 1666, took charge of the congregation of Waverveen, near Utrecht, a rural village of no fame. In 1675, he became a chaplain in the army of the States; but with the exception of this temporary office, he passed the next 16 years of his life in obscurity at Waverveen, usefully and even contentedly employed.

In 1670, upon the death of Rev. Johannes Megapolensis of New York, Selyns declined a call from that church to become associated with Rev. Mr. Samuel Drisius in its charge. The Rev. William Nieuwenhuysen took the place Selyns declined but, subsequently, upon the death of both Nieuwenhuysen and Drisius, the call was so urgently renewed to Selyns that he accepted and again left his native land to spend, as it proved, the remainder of his life in America. He arrived at New York in the summer of 1682, and was received "by the whole congregation with great affection and joy."

But the church to which he returned was not the one he had left. During his absence in Holland, the political and ecclesiastical relations of the province had entirely changed. British rule, while it allowed the Dutch to enjoy liberty of conscience in divine worship and church discipline, gave no legal sanction to the special authority of the Classis of Amsterdam, the Dutch Church's governing body, over the churches of the Reformed Dutch faith. Just as in his earlier tenure, Rev. Selyns would still be under the control of the English government.

Dominie Selyns was, however, on terms of friendship with the heads of the government and his colleagues in the other churches in New York and in correspondence with distinguished men in the neighboring colonies. He was probably known to the ministers at Boston at the time of his first residence in New Netherland, as among his poems one in Latin, upon some verses addressed by the Rev. John Wilson, the first minister of Boston, to Gov. Stuyvesant.


Trouble came to Dominie Selyns with the revolutionary outbreak which placed Jacob Leisler at the head of the government. It was natural that Selyns, as well as the other ministers, should look upon Leisler as a usurper, and that they should throw all the weight of their influence against him and his party. But they committed the error of continuing their opposition to Leisler after his power had been fully established, thus themselves becoming traitors to the government.

And Leisler fully took his revenge.  One Reformed Dutch minister barely escaped to Boston; one was massacred at Schenectedy in February 1690; another was imprisoned, tried, convicted of treason, and sentenced to be deposed from his ministerial functions;still another, the pastor at Kingston, had been previously stripped of his position. So in effect, Selyns was--for a considerable time--the only Dutch clergyman on duty in the province.

Dominie Selyns "had committed no overt act, rendering himself amenable to the law; but he was in such close communication and sympathy with the leaders of the opposition that he was constantly watched. He was suspected of concealing Bayard, and his house was searched by public officers, for the purpose of discovering him. His service in church--of which Leisler was a member--was interrupted by Leisler himself, who there threatened openly to silence him. His letters to Holland and elsewhere were stopped in transit and opened by order of the government...."

His own continued opposition to Leisler, though taking a mild form, led to a serious rift with his congregation. Rev. Selyns preached a pointed sermon against Leisler, who by this time, was languishing in prison and being persecuted by political authorities. In short order the congregation let Selyns know in no uncertain terms what it thought of its pastor: they refused to pay his salary and, under fresh provocation, continued to withhold his salary for several years.

He appealed to the Classis to interfere and even sought the mandate of King William, supposing that, as a Dutchman, the King could be induced by the ecclesiastical authorities at Amsterdam to compel the payment of Selyns' arrears. He intimated that he would, in consequence of withholding the salary, be forced to give up his ministry and return to Holland. The Classis, in a proper spirit, advised him "to pacify and win back the alienated hearts of his flock, and to suffer and forget all in love." Eventually, Rev. Selyns and the congregation made peace.


Upon the death of his first wife, in 1686, he married the widow of Cornelius Steenwyck, Margaretta de Riemer, whom he himself describes as "rich in temporal goods, but richer in spiritual." This lady survived him by several years. Of his daughter no trace can be found; but from all omission of her name in his will, it may be inferred she died while he was in Holland.


The great object of Selyns' labors, during the later years of his life, was the establishment of the freedoms of his church by securing of a royal charter confirming its rights and privileges. This was finally accomplished on 11 May 1696 by a charter under the royal seal for the Reformed Protestant Dutch church in the city of New York, which is still in full force, and was virtually the charter of the Low Dutch Church in America.

During the years of his ministry, the church had increased from 450 to 650 members and in 1699, an assistant was finally appointed to work with him.  In July 1701, Rev. Henricus Selyns died at New York, in his 65th year.

Although his original work that has been preserved is scanty, he wrote much and Cotton Mather says of his poetical powers that "he had so nimble a fancy for putting his devout thoughts into verse that upon this, as well as upon greater accounts, he was a David unto the flocks in the wilderness." He collected all the records of the New York Reformed Dutch church to the date of his own ministry and transcribed them with his own pen. This volume is still extant and in good preservation in the records of the Reformed Dutch church of New York city. His only publications are "Poems," translated from the Dutch into English by Henry C. Murphy, and printed in his "Anthology of the New Netherlands" in the collections of New York historical society, and a Latin poem (1687) prefixed to some editions of Cotton Mather's "l'Viagnalia."


The Rev. Dr. Thomas De Witt, in his Historical Discourse, 1856, page 24, says:
"I have in my possession a small manuscript volume of Domine Selyns, dated 1686, in which there is a register of the members of the church, arranged according to the streets. These streets are found below Wall Street and east of Broadway, while the remaining families are placed 'along shore,' On the East River, above the Fresh Water or Collect, and also on Governor Stuyvesant's bouwerie or farm. This manuscript volume was doubtless prepared by Selyns to direct him in his family visitation."

This list has been printed at least four times, namely:
A in Dr. Thomas De Witt's edition in "The Collections of the New York Historical Society," Second Series, Vol. L 1841, pp. 392-399.
A1 in David T. Valentine's "History of the City of New York," 1853, pp. 331-343.
AH in James Grant Wilson's "Memorial History of New York," Vol. I, 1892, pp. 446-452.
A1a in "The Year-Book of The Holland Society of New York," 1896, pp. 178-189.

Of the above mentioned publications, A is the only edition from the original. It was prepared by the Rev. Thomas De Witt, D.D., of the Collegiate Reformed Dutch Church of New York. An "Introductory Note" on pp. 390-391 and a very short critical note on p. 399 were added to the text.

List of Abbreviations and translation of Dutch terms occurring in this list:
en syn h.          }
en syn huysv.    }    en syne huysvrouw        and his (house) wife
en syn huysvr.   }
h. v.        }    housvrouw van        (house) wife of
w. v.        }
wed. v.     }    weuwe van            widow of
de Hr.      }    de Heer            Sir or Mr.
Juffr.        }    Juffrou,            Lady or Mrs.

* In the original MS. abbreviations in the names are indicated with the mark — above the last letter of the abbreviated name; this extract indicates them with a . mark.  In this list they only occur in male forms of patronymics; for instance: Jansz (Jansz.), or Jansze (Jansze.), stands for: Janszen.


Domine Selyns wrote his book in 1686 and it was published over 100 years later, the last in 1916. Included in his book were references to blacks, many of whom were slaves, though there were a few free blacks among the population.  They are refered to in the Domine's own terms as "Negrinn," or "Negroes."  I have elected not to change those references, out of respect for the Church Records themselves.



I. Breede weg (Broadway)

Ariaentje Cornelius, h. v. Albert Barents.
Paulus Turck, en syn huysvr. Aeltje Barents.
Maria Turck, h. v. Abraham Kermer.
Coenraed ten Eyck, en syn h. Annetje Daniels.
Gerrit Jantze. Roos, en syn h. Tryntje Arents.
Tobias Stoutenburg, en syn h. Annetje van Hillegom.
Marritje Cornelis, h. v. Elias Post.
Jurriaen Blanck, en syn huysv. Hester van der Beeck.
Johannes van Gelder, en syn h. Janneken Montenack.
Pieter Willemse Roome, en syn h. Hester van Gelder.
Willem van der Schuuren, en syn h. Grietje Plettenburg.
Annetje Bording, h. v. Cornells Kregier.
Tryntje Cornelis, wed. v. Christiaen Pietersen.
Hendrick Obee, en syn huysv. Aeltje Claes.
Evert Aertsen, en syn huysvr. Styntie Nagel.
Olphert Seurt, en syn huysvr. Margareta Klopper.
Helena Pieterse, h. v. Abraham Mathysen.
Geurt Gerritsen, en syn huysv. Elisabeth Cornelis.
Seurt Olphertsen, en syn huysv. Ytie Roelofse.
Anneken Mauritz, wed. v. Dom. Wilhelmus van Nieuwenhuysen.
Tryntje Bickers, h. v. Walter Heyers.
de Hr- Francois Rombout, en syn h. Helena Teller.
Isaac Stephenszen, en syn h. Margareta van Veen.
Lucas Andrieszen, en syn h. Aefje Laurence.
Balthazar Bayard, en syn huysv. Marritje Loockermans.
Mr. Gerrit van Tricht, en syn h. Maria van der Grift.
Blandina Kierstede, h. v. Pieter Bayard.
Rachel Kierstede.
Jan Peeck en syn huysv. Lysbeth van Imburg
Gysbert van Imburg.
Tryntie Adolphus, h. v. Thomas Hooker.
Lysbeth Lucas, w. v. Jan Stephenszen.

2. Beurs Straet [Exchange Place] (Whitehall Street)

Margarietje Pieters, h. v. Frederick Arentszen.
Jacob Teller, en syn huysvr. Cnristina Wessels.
Jacob de Key, en syn huysvr. Hillegond Theunis.
Sara Bedlo, h. v. Claes Borger.
Pieter de Riemer, en syn huysvr. Susanna de Foreest.
Isaac de Riemer.

The 48 names above mentioned have been reconstructed on the basis of Rev. Dr. Thomas De Witt's text of his edition of 1841, because the first five pages of the original MS. are missing.

Juffr. Magareta de Riemer,(1) wed. van den Hr. Cornelis Steenwyck.
Andries Greevenraedt, en syn huysv. Anna van Brag.

3. Paerl Straet, (Pearl Street) (Between State and Whitehall Sts.)

Jan Willemszen, en syn huysv. Lysbeth Fredricx.
Marten Cregier.
Tryntie Cregier, wed. van Stoffel Hooglant.
Margareta Blanck, h. v. Philip Smit.
Gerrit Hardenberg, en syn huysv. Jaepje Schepmoes.
Sara Hardenberg.
Isaac Greevenraedt, en syn huysv. Marritie Jans.
Hendrick Jilliszen Meyert, en syn huysv. Elsje Rosenvelt.
Andries Breestede, en syn huysv. Annetje van Borsum.
Aeltje Schepmoes, we- v. Jan Evertszen Keteltas.
Susanna Marsuryn, wed. van Claes Bording.
Gerrit van Gilden.
Pieter le Grand, en syn huysv. Janneken de Windel.
Jan Schouten, en syn huysv. Sara Jans.
Lysbeth Schouten.
Dirck Theuniszen, en syn huysvr. Catalina Frans.
Warnar Wessels, en syn huysvr. Lysbeth Cornelis.
Nicolaes Blahck.
Catharina Blanck, h. v. Justus Witsvelt.
Claesje Blanck, h. v. Victor Bicker.

(1) Domine Henricus Selyns, widr. of Machteld Specht, married this lady on the 20th of Oct., 1686. See the Official Church Records printed in "The Collections of the New York Gen. and Biog. Society." Vol. 1, 1890, p. 61, and also the present text III, on p. 39.

Tryntie Claes, wed. van Jeuriaen Blanck.
Pieter Jacobszen Marius, en syn h. Marritje Beeck.
Aeltje Willems, wed. van Pieter Corneliszen.
Thomas Laurenszen, en syn huysv. Marritje Jans.
Corn(elis) van Langevelt, en syn huysv. Maria Groenlant.
Tryntie Michiels, h. v. Andries Claeszen.

4. Langs Strant [Along the Shore] (North side of Pearl St. and Hanover Sq. to Wall St.)

Rebecca de la Val, h. v. Willem der Val.
Elsje Thymens, h. v. Jacob Leydsler.(1)
Susanna Leydsler.
Daniel Veenvos, en syn huysv. Christina van der Grift.
Jacob Leendertsen van der Grift en syn h. Rebecca Fredericx.
Nicolaes van der Grift.
Rachel van der Grift.
Rachel Kip, h. van. Lucas Kierstede.
Celitje Jans, h. v. Paulus Richard.
Elisabeth Grevenraedt, wed. van. D° Samuel Drisius.
Pieter de la noy, en syn huysv. Elisabeth de Potter.
Catharina Bedlo.
Frederick Gysbertsz. van den Berg, en syn h. Maria Lubberts.
Jannetje Tienhoven, h. v. John Smit.
Henriette Wessels, wed. v. Allard Anthony.
Maria Wessels. (2)
Marritje Hendricx, w. v. Nicolaes Janszen Backer.
Debora de Meyert, h. v. Thomas Crundall.
Albert Bosch, en syn huysvr. Elsje Blanck.
Anna Maria Jans, h. v. Cornelis Janszen van Hoorn.
Hillegont Cornelis, h. v. Olfert Kreeftberry. (3)

(1) The well-known Jacob Leisler, leader of civil rebellion in Nieuw Amsterdam.
(2) Wilson has: Marritje Wessels.
(3) Wilson has: Olfert Kreeftsberg.

Vrouwtje Cornelis.
Pieter Janszen Messier, en syn h. Marritje Willems.
Coenraed ten Eyck, Junior, en syn h. Belitje Hercx.
Tobias ten Eyck, en syn huysvr. Elisabeth Hegemans.
Benjamin Hegemans.
Hermannus Borger.
Engeltje Mans, wed. v. Borger Joriszen.
Johannes Borger.
Cornelis Verduyn, en syn huysvr. Sara Hendricx.
Albert Klock, en syn huysvr. Tryntie Abrahams.
Marten Klock, en syn huysv. Lysbeth Abrahams.
Geesje Barents, wed. v. Thomas Lieuwenszen.
Catharina Lieuwens.
Johannes van Brug, en syn huysv. Catharina Roelefs.
Cornelia Beeck, h. v. Jacobus de Hardt.
Margareta Hendricx, h. v. John Robbertson.
Charsten Luursen, en syn huysv. Geertie Quick.
Aeltje Gysberts, h. v. Zacharias Laurenszen.
Francyntie Andries, h. v. Abraham Lubberts.
Annetje van Borsum, wed. v. Egbert van Borsum.
Pieter van der Groef, en syn huysvr. Janneken van Borsum.
Robert Sinclaer, en syn huysvr. Maria Duycking.

5. Langs de Wal [Along the Wall (1)] (South Side of Wall Street)

Willemtje Claes, h. v. Gysbert Elbertsen.
Neeltje Gysberts.
Adriaen Dircxen, en syn huysvr. Lybeth Jans.
Heyltje de la chair, h. v. John Cavallier.
Anna Maria van Giesen, h. v. Johannes Janszen.
Marritie Pieters, h. v. Jacob Pieterszen.
Bernhardus Hassing, en syn huysv. Neeltie van Couwenhoven.
Geertruyd Jans van's Gravenswaert, h. v. John Otten.
Neeltje van Thuyl.
Sophia Claes, h. v. Rotgert Parker.
Gerrit Corn(elis) van Westveen, en syn h. Wyntie Stoutenburg.
Urseltje Duytsman, wed. v. Johannes Hardenbroeck.
Metje Hardenbroeck, h. v. Evert Hendricxen.
Casparus Hardenbroeck.
Hermannus van Borsum, en syn huysv. Wyburg Hendricx.

(1) Wilson translates: "Along the Wharf."

Claertje Dominicus, h. v. Jan Pieterszen Slot.
Gerritje Quick, h. v. Leendert de Grauw.

6. Nieuwe Straet (New Street)

Janneken Jans, h. v. Isaac Abrahamszen.
Daniel Waldron, en syn huysv. Sara Rutgers.
Adriaentje Jans, h. v. Vincent de la Montagne.
Marritje Waldron, K. v. Hendrick Gerritszen.
Aefje Roos, h. v. Johannes van Gelder.
Heyman Koning, en syn huysvr. Marritje Andries.
Metje Davids, wed. van Abraham Kermer.
Jan Willemszen Room, en syn h. Maria Bastiaens.
Annetje Ackerman, h. v. Daniel Pieterszen.
Arent Fredericxen, en syn huysv. Sara Theunis.
Jeuriaen Nagel, en syn huysv. Jannetje Philips.

7. Bever Straet (Beaver Street) (Between Broadway and Broad Street)

Jacob Kolve.
Janneken Lucas, h. v. Jacob van Sauen.
Jacob Phoenix, en syn huysv. Anna van Vleck.
Engeltje Hercx, h. v. Jan Evertzen.
Hendrick Bosch, en syn huysv. Egbertje Dircx.
Catalina de Vos, h. v. Nicolaes de Pu.
Jacob de Koninck.
Henricus Selyns.
Hendrick Boelen, en syn huysv. Anneken Coert.
Cornelis van der Cuyl, en syn huysv. Lysbeth Arents.
Sara Waldron, h. v. Laurens Colevelt.
Mr. Abraham de la Noy, en syn h. Cornelia Toll.

8. Marckvelt Straet, (Marketfield Street)

Jan Adamszen Metselaer, en syn h. Geertje Dircks.
Herman de Grauw, en syn huysv. Styntje van Steenbergen.
Dirck Janszen de Groot, en syn h. Rachel Philips.
Baetje Jans, h. v. Pieter Meyer.
Arent Leendertszen de Grauw, en h. Maria Hendricks.

9. Brouwers Straet, (Brewer's Street) (Stone St., between Whitehall and Broad Sts.)

de Hr. Frederick Philipszen.
Johanna van Swanenburg.
Anna Blanck, h. v. Joris Brugwerton.
Janneken de Key, h. v. Jeremias Thotill.
Isaac de Foreest, en syn huysv. Lysbeth van der Spiegel.
Sarah Philips, wed. v. Isaac de Foreest.
Jan Dircxen, en syn huysvr. Baertje Kip.
de Hr- Stephanus van Cortlant, en syn h. Geertruyd Schuyler.
Jacobus van Cortlant.
Juffr. Susanna Schrick, h. v. den Hr. Anthony Broeckholt.
Sara van der Spiegel, h. v. Rip van Dam.
Johannes van der Spiegel.
Arriaentje Gerrits, h. v. Pieter Janszen.

10. Brug Straet (Bridge Street)

Otto Gerritszen, en syn. huysvr. Engeltje Pieters.
Jeremias Janszen, en syn huysvr. Catharina Rappailje.
Metje Grevenraedt, wed. van Anthony Janszen.
Abraham Kip.
Abraham Janszen, en syn huysv. Tryntje Kip.
Maria Abrahams.
Mr- Hartman Wessels, en syn huysv. Lysbeth
Jans Cannon.
Catharina Alexanders.
Andries Meyert, en syn huysv. Vrouwtje van Vorst.
Jan der Vail, en syn huysv. Catharina van Cortlant.

11. Heeren Gracht, west zyde, [Main Ditch, west side] (Broad Street, west side)

Carel Lodevvycx.
Johannes Provoost.
Brandt Schuyler, en syn huysvr. Cornelia van Cortlant.
Mr- Hans Kierstede, en syn huysv. Janneken
Evert Arentszen.
Isaac Arentszen.
Maria Bennet, h. v. Jacobus Verhulst.
Pieter Abrahamsz. van Duursen, en syn h. Hester Webbers.
Helena Fellaert.
Harmentje Dircx, h. v. Thomas Koock.
Dirck ten Eyck, en syn huysv. Aechtje Boelen.
Dr. Johannes Kerfbyl, en syn huysv. Catharina Rug.
Margareta Hagen.
Aecht Jans, wed v. Pieter van Naerden.
Tryntje Pieters.
Hendrick Jansz. van Feurden, en syn h. Sara Thomas.
Boele Roelofzen, en syn huysvr. Bayken Arents.
Cornelis Quick, en syn huysvr. Maria van Hoogten.
Theunis de Key, en syn huysvr. Helena van Brug.
Agnietje Bonen, h. v. Lodewyck Post.
Gerrit Lcydecker en syn huysvr. Neeltje van der Cuyl.
Hendrick Kermer, en syn huysvr. AnnetjeThomas.
Jan Janszen Moll, en syn huysvr. Engeltje Pieters.
Jacob Boelen, en syn huysvr. Catharina Clock.
Dirck Franszen, en syn huysvr. Urseltje Schepmoes.
Lysbeth Jacobzen, wed. van Wybrant Abrahamszen.
Magdaleentje Duurstede, h. v. Mr- Hermanus Wessels.
Johannes Kip, en syn huysvr. Catharina Kierstede.

Diaconie's Huys (Deacons' House for the Poor in Broad Street)

Willem Jansz. Room, en syn huysv. Marritje Jans.
Geertie Jans, w. v. Reyer Stoffelzen.
Albert Cuynen, en syn huysv. Tryntie Jans
Lysbeth Jacobs, wed. Jacob Mens.
Clara Ebel, h. v. Pieter EbeL*
Styntie Paulus, w. v. Paulus Jurxen.
Isaac van Vleck, en syn huysvr. Catalina de la Noy.
Metje Thomas, h. v. Jan Corszen.
Rutgert Willemszen, en syn huysv. Gysbertje Maurits.
Magdaleentje Rutgers, h. v. Joris Walgraef.

12. Heerengracht, oost-zyde. (Broad Street, east side.)

[Edition A (Dr. De Witt's of 1841) and its copy A1 (Valentine's
of  1892) give the names of these inhabitants of the Deacons' House
at the end of the Heerengracht, west zyde, instead of at this proper place.]

Hendrick Arentsz, en syn huysv. Catharina
Anna Thyssen, h. v. Hendrick Romers.
Marritje Cornells h. v. Claes Franszen.
Anna Wallis, w. v. Wolfert Webber.
Albertus Ringo, en syn huysv. Jannetje Stoutenburg.
Jan de la Montagne, en syn huysv. Annetje Waldrons.
Jannetic van Laer, h. v. Simon Breestede.
Catharina Kregiers, wed. v. Nicasius de Silla.
Lcendert de Kleyn, en syn huysv. Magdalena Wolsum.
Maria Pieters, h. v. Joris Janszen.
Huyg Barentszen de Kleyn, en syn h. Mayken Bartels.
Pieter Stoutenburg.
Willem Waldron, en syn huysv. Engeltje Stoutenburg.
Maria Bon, h. v. Jillis Provoost.
Grietie Jillis, wed. van David Provoost.
Catharina van der Veen, h. v. Jonathan Provoost.
Jan Willemsz. Neering, en syn h. Catharina de Meyert.
Geesie Idens, wed. van Pieter Nys.
Tacob Mauritszen, en syn huysv. Grietje van der Grift.
Willem Bogardus, en syn huysv. Walburg de Silla.
Kniertje Hendricx, h. v. Claes Lock.
Cornelia Lubberts, wed. v. Johannes de Peyster.
Paulus Schrick, en syn huysv. Maria de Peyster.
Jan Vincent, en syn huysvr. Annetje Jans.
Arent Isaczen, en syn huysv. Elisabeth Stevens.

13. Hoog Straet, [High Street] (Stone Street, between Broad and William Sts.)

Reynier Willemszen, en syn huysv. Susanna Arents.
Tryntie Reyniers.
Geertruyd Reyniers.
Adolph Pietersen de Groef, en syn h. Aefje Dircks.
Agnietie de Groef.
Maria de Groef.
Mr. Evert Keteltas, en syn h. Hillegond Joris.
Anna Hardenbroeck, h. v. John Lillie.
Johannes Hardenbroeck.
Jacob Abrahamszen Santvoort, en1 Magdalena van Vleck.
Laurens Holt, en syn huysv. Hilletje Laurens.
Janneken van Dyck, h. v. Jan Coeley.
Lysbeth Coely.
Barent Coert, en syn huysv. Christina Wessels.
Geertruyd Barents, wed. v. Jan Hybon.
Sara Ennes, h. v. Barent Hybon.
de Hr. Nicolaes de Meyert, en syn h. Lidia van Dyck.
Lysbeth de Meyert.
Christina Steentjes, h. v. Guiljam d' Honnour.
Claes Jansz. Stavast, en syn huysv. Aefje Gerrits.
Evert Wessels, en syn huysv. Jannetje Stavast
Laurens Wessels, en syn huysv. Aeltje Jans.
Anneken Duycking, h. v. Johannes Hooglant.
Franz Goderus, en syn huysv. Rebecca Idens.
Jan Jansz. van Langendyck, en syn h. Grietje Wessels.
Jan Harberdinck, en syn huysv. Mayken Barents.
Gerrit Duycking, en syn huysv. Maria Abeel.
Christina Cappoens, w. v. David Jochemszen.
Anna Tobbelaer, w. v. Elias de Winder.
Marritje Andrees, w. v. Jan Breestede.
Hendrick Wesselsz. ten Broeck, en syn h.
Jannetje Breestede.
Geertruyd Breestede.
de Hr- Nicolaes de Bayard, en syn h. Judith Verleth.
Francjna Hermans.
Evert Duyclcing, en syn huysv. Hendrickje Simons.
Cytie Duyclcing, h. v. Willem Block.
Anthony de Mill, en syn huysv. Elisabeth van der Liphorst.
Pieter de Mill.
Sara de Mill.
de Heer Abraham de Peyster, en syn h. Catharina de Peyster.
Jannetje Schouten, h. v. Pieter Stephenszen.(1)

14. Slyci Straet [Mud Street] (South William Street)

Jan Hendr. van Bommel, en syn h. Annetje Abrahams.
Geertruyd de Haes, h. v. Jan Kroeck.
Emmerentje Laurens, wed. van Hendrick Oosterhaven.
Leendert Oosterhaven.

15. Princen Straet [Prince's Street] (Beaver Street between Broad and William Sts.)

Jan Langstraeten, en syn huysv. Marritje Jans.
Albertje Jans, h. v. Jan Janszen van Quisthout.
Susanna Barents.
Hendrick de Foreest, en syn huysv. Femmetje Flaesbeeck.
Barent Flaesbeeck, en syn huysv. Marritje Hendricks.
Susanna Verleth, h. v. Mr. Jan de Foreest.
Metje Pieters, h. v. Jan Pieterszen.
Nicolaes Janszen, en syn huysv. Janneken Kiersen.
Annetje Jans, h. v. William Moore.
Ambrosius de Waran, en syn huysv. Adriaentje Thomas.
Susanna de Negrin (2), h. v. Thomas de Moor. (3)

(1) Not listed in Wilson at all.
(2) The Negress.
(3) The Moor.

16. Koninck Straet, [King Street]

Elsje Borger, h. v. Jan Sipkens.
Cornell's Pluvier, en syn huysv. Neeltje van Couwenhoven.
Frederick Hendrickszen, en syn huysv. Styntje Jans.
Geesje Schuurmans, wed. v. Bruyn Hage.
Lysbeth Schuurmans.
Jacob Franszen, en syn huysv. Magdalena Jacobs.

17. Smit Straet [Smith Street] (William Street, below Wall Street)

Cornelia Roos, w. v. Elias Provoost.
Jan Vinge [sic; Vigne], en syn huysv. Wiesken Huypkens.
Assuerus Hendricks, en syn huysv. Neeltje Jans.
Hester Pluvier, h. v. Thymon Franszen.
Jan Meyert, en syn huysv. Anna van Vorst.
Pieter Janszen, en syn huysv. Lysbeth Frans van Hoogten.
Jan Janszen van Flensburg, en h. Willemtie de Kleyn.
Francyntje Stultheer, h. v. Jan Wesselszen.(1)
Laurens Hendrickszen, en syn huysv. Marritje Jans.
Hendrick van Borsum, en syn h. Marritje Cornelis.
Jannetje Cornelis, h. v. *
Thymon van Borsum, en syn huysv. Grietje Focken.
Wyd Timmer.
Geertie Langendyck, w. v. Dirck Dye.
Jannetje Dye, h. v. Frans Cornelisen.
Jan Pietersen Bosch, en syn h. Jannetje Barents.
Jannetje Frans, h. v. Wiljam Buyell.
David Provoost, en syn huysv. Tryntje Laurens.
Tryntje Reyniers, w. v. Meynardt Barentzen
Marritje Pieterszen, h. v. Jan Pieterszen.

a. Smits Vallye [Smith's Valley] (The East River Shore above Wall Street, Maiden Lane)

Lysbeth Lubberts, wed. v. Dirck Fluyt.
Jan Janszen van Langedyck.
Pieter Janszen van Langedyck.
Herman Janszen, en syn huysv. Brechtie Elswaert.
Tryntie Hadders, h. v. Albert Wantenaer.
Hilletje Pieters, wed. v. Corn. Clopper.
Johannes Clopper.

(1) Not in Wilson at all.
*Name of husband omitted in original manuscript.

Margareta Vermeulen, w. v. Hendr. van de Water.
Adriaentie van de Water.
Abraham Moll, en syn huysv. Jacomyntie van Dartelbeeck.
Tytie Liphens, w. v. Jan Roelofszen.
Wilhelmus de Meyert, en syn h. Catharina Bayard.
Jacob Swart, en syn huysv. Teuntje Jacobs.

•All the following places were outside the City Walls.

Sara Joosten h. v. Isaac de Mill.
Dirck van de Clyff, en syn huysv. Geesje Hendricks.
Styntje Jans, h. v. Joost Carelszen.
Willem Hellaecken, en syn huysv. Tryntie Boelen.
Anna Maria Engelbert, h. v. Clement Elswaert.
Wilhelmus Beeckman, en syn h. Catharina de Boog.
Johannes Beeckman, en syn h. Aeltje Thomas.

b. Buyten de Landtpoort [Beyond the Country-gate] (Broadway, above Wall Street)

Anneken Schouten, h. v. Theunis Dey.

c. Over't Versch Water [Beyond the Fresh Water] (The old pond at Kalck-hoei, or The Collect.)

Wolfert Webber, en syn huysv. Geertruyd Hassing.
Neeltje Cornelis, h. v. Hendrick Corneliszen.
Arie Corneliszen, en syn h. Rebecca Idens.
Francjscus Bastiaensz. en syn h. Barbara Emanuels. (1)
Salomon Pieters, en syn h. Marritie Anthony.
Anthony Sarley, en syn huysv. Josyntie Thomas.
Francois van der Koeck, en syn h. Wyntie de Vries.
Daniel de Clerck, en syn huysv. Grietie Cozyns.
Cozyn Gerritszen, en syn huysv. Vrouwtje Gerrits.
Jan Thomaszen, en syn huysv. Appolonia Cornelis.
Pieter Janszen, en syn huysv. Marritje Jacobs.
Jacob Kip, en syn huysvr. Maria de la Montagne.
Maria Kip.
Juffr. Judith Isendoorn, w. v. den Hr Petrus Stuyvensant.(2)
Nicolaes Willem Stuyvesant, en h. Lysbeth Slichtenhorst.
Marritie Jacobs, h. v. Gys Servaes.
Abraham van de Woestyne.
Catalyntie van de Woestyne.

(1) Negroes
(2) D° Selyns spells his name Stuyvensant, Stuyvesant and in the banns Stuyvsant (Stuyvsants Bouwerye).

Ibel Bloottgoet, h. v. Ide Ariaenszen.
Pieter Jacobszen, en syn h. Belitie Ariens.
Jan de Groot, en syn huysv. Margrietie Gerrits.
Jacob de Groot, en syn huysv. Grietie Jans.
Jillis Mandevil, en syn huysv. Elsje Hendricx.
Grietje Mandevil.
Egbert Fockenszen, en syn huysv. Elsje Lucas.
Johannes Thomaszen, en syn h. Aefje Jacobs.
Johannes van Couwenhoven, en h. Sara Frans.

d. Aen de Grote KU [By the Great Kill]

Conradus van Beeck, en syn h. Elsje Jans.
Claes Emanuels. } negers
Jan de Vries. } negers

c. Boschtvyck, [Bushwick.]*

Lysbeth Jans, h. v. Joost Kockuyt.

f. Arme Bouwerye [Poor Farm] (1) (Steinway, L. I.)

Arnout Webber, en syn h. Janneken Cornelis.
Margariet Meyrinck, h. v. Hendrick Martensen.
Abraham Rycking.
Wyntie Theunis, wed. van Herck Tiebout.
Annetje Claes, h. v. Theunis Corneliszen.
Mr- Daniel Mortenauw, en h. Theuntie Vermeere.

g. Nieutv Thuyn, [Newtown.] (2)

Catharina Jans, h. v. Stoffel Gerritszen van Laer.

(1) 'This "Poor Farm" was given to the Collegiate Church by Deacon Jeurian Fradell about 1651. It contained about 140 acres, together with three of the neighboring islands in the East River. It was still in possession of the church in 1686, as this item proves. It lay between Flushing Bay and Astoria, and is now covered by Steinway. The locality was known as the "Poor Bowery" until after 1850. The name still persists in "Bowery Bay" near by. For map and further particulars, see Riker's Newtown, 21-23, 35-37, 73
(2) Omitted in Wilson.

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