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Reflections on our most recent reunion

The fourth annual Gentner family reunion was held this past Sunday. If you have read my previous blogs, you know that I am somewhat worried about reunion apathy, particularly on the part of younger family members.

The day actually started off on a sour note. Rain clouds were gathered and a light drizzle fell for part of the morning. When I arrived at at the reunion site I was greeted by a small contingent of family members who, before saying hello, made it clear how upset they were that… Continue

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More thoughts on the time capsule

I got to thinking about it some more, during a rare moment of solitude today - what I would like to see in the time capsule that I hope to do at our reunion next year (please read my blog about reunion fundraising for more information): A copy of our local newspaper for the week of the reunion

Birth announcements/wedding invitations/graduation announcements/etc. for events that happen around that time

A record of the price of gas at that… Continue

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Fundraising Efforts

I'm a family reunion advocate.

If you read my blog on family reunion apathy, you'll know that. My mom and I hold a reunion for her siblings and their descendants (doesn't sound like much, but there are over 100 of us feuding, fighting Gentners), and I seem to be, by far, the most enthusiastic participant.

I'm always thinking of fun things to do at our reunions, or related to them. My ideas are usually met with less-than-stellar response though. I would appreciate some input from those… Continue

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I'm From A Small Town

I come from a small town. I like it that way.

My dad's parents moved here with him and my aunts when my dad was a toddler. Most of their relatives were still in Pennsylvania, except a couple of my grandma's siblings. They moved her mother up here a few years later, into the house that would later belong to my parents, where I was born. (Well, where I lived when I was born. I was born in a hospital.)

My mom's family, on the other hand, has lived in the same small nearby town for 150… Continue

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Family Reunion Apathy

Five years ago, my mom and I started the process of getting all her siblings and their children and grandchildren together. She is one of eight (seven now living), and such a large family coupled with long-standing family disputes, meant that we had never all been together in the same place at the same time. Out of my twenty-seven first cousins, there were at least… Continue

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