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Colonial Passports: Traveling to Native & Foreign Lands in America

What can colonial passports tell us about our ancestors in the colonies? The details can be overwhelming and miles of travel completed on these trips are fascinating. Most would travel in groups, but many small parties traveled from South Carolina to the Natchez located in the Mississippi territory during the 18th century. 

We have just completed an article on this subject and the link is below. Don't overlook these records when researching colonial America. Enjoy Your Journey to the…


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Quaker Genealogy-Cedar Creek, Virginia

Nestled on a wooded knoll surrounded by periwinkle lies the remains of a 300-year-old structure that once was the Cedar Creek Meeting House. Established in 1721 from land donated by Thomas Stanley, the site lies west of an old 18th-century roadbed in Hanover County, Virginia. The church site is now on an old, abandoned road just off Cedar Creek Road. The cemetery, filled with field stones, holds the remains of early congregation members. This article will recognize the early members by…


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Colonial Georgia Roads

The colonial roads in Georgia consist of at least twenty-one primary routes. The article will name each of these while emphasizing the timeline and the location. Since its founding as a royal colony in 1732, the area known as Georgia contained numerous roads, paths, and trails. The majority of these early routes spanned westward from the coastal shore. The most common means of travel was by foot or horse. Many of these routes were less than a few feet in width, equivalent to a narrow…


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Loyalists In North Carolina: Segment One

People viewed Sir Henry Clinton’s proclamation as a forced resolution in 1780. Demand was current and required complete fidelity to the British crown. Vengeance became more prominent within the war and played out among neighbors. The war in the southern colonies became Patriots versus Loyalists. At least 103 known battles raged in South…


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Continuing Research In The James River Area of Virginia 1730s

Research never ends, and this is true with the ongoing process of discovering the Great Wagon Road. The project leads to early settlements in the James River area in Virginia. I have discovered over fifty surnames in this immediate area. I've shared them in a recent article including sources for those who are interested.…


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The Rural Little Schools

Nestled along the side roads of 19th century America, little schoolhouses dotted the landscape. Their building shapes were as unique as the people entering through their doors. From simple designs to an elaborate architectural theme, these structures defined character and future dreams. The size depended on the need, which…


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Early Settlers of Sullivan County, North Carolina: Now Tennessee

Nestled between the mountain ridges of eastern Tennessee lies a region rich in history. An area visited by explorers, Native Americans, and early pioneer families, a land that speaks of traditions and folklore, stories, and legends. Sullivan County, North Carolina, was the second county located in present-day Tennessee to exist. After establishing Washington County in 1777, Sullivan County began the journey with North Carolina in 1779. The county’s name originated in honor of …


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