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Randall Dickerson's Blog – January 2012 Archive (5)

The Birdwatcher's Guide to Genealogists

A humorous look at genealogy types on my blog at

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5 Habits of Ineffective Genealogists

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I would love to say that this post is an original idea, but that isn't true. It was inspired by a blog at

Chris Wake wrote a very effective post on the subject, which you can read here. I've only adapted these great points  to apply to genealogists.

1. Consuming more than you…


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Tombstone Tuesday, Celtic Cross of Elmwood

Cemeteries--09.jpg by Randall Dickerson Cemeteries--09.jpg, a photo by Randall Dickerson on Flickr.

Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama. This cross is…


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The "Do List" Update; 13 Jan 2012

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OK folks, here's the first update for my New Year's Resolution Concepts.

Resolution Concepts 1.    Do less.

Pretty easy one here, since I haven't posted a blog in several days! (grin) And my twitter-time is reduced by choice as well. This is because of high-priority items.

2.    Do more.

I'm on the 2nd full…


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The "Do List"; My New Year Resolution Concepts.

Here it is January 4, 2012, and I'm blogging about my new years resolutions. That might seem late and may even seem strange, since one of my resolutions is to end procrastination. Please bear with me as I explain the reasons.

Resolution Concepts

1.    Do less.

2.    Do more.

3.    Do nothing.

4.    Do it now.

5.    Do for others.

6.    Do for myself.

7.    Do it in order.

8.    Do the math.



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