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Comment by Annette Wright on October 15, 2020 at 1:48pm

We collected dirt from the suppose area where he got killed at in Lowndes county Alabama. I have a smaller jar at my house of the dirt. I kept the memory going and been hearing about this story since I was little so I decided to do genealogy in 2007 and found several articles about his life. A sharecropper trying to get fare wages but was considered a a trouble maker in the 1930's. Annie Mae Merriweather was his wife and she helped him out too until his death in 1935. I was able to tell my Dad and his siblings the story that was in newspapers and articles and got the testimony from the author of bloody lowndes county that Annie said what happened. I also got a pic of Annie. I am still hoping to find a pic of Jim but I got a pic of one brother I think its albert on it but nobody knows for certain. Annette Gray Wright (Cookie) family historian. Gray & Merriweather Families.


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