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Occasionally, we do get members on GenealogyWise who are here to do one thing, spam other members.  Ning, the platform we use, has no way to detect a spammer prior to them bothering our members.  The only way we have to find spammers and terminate their membership, for the most part, is for us to find them after they have spammed our members.


No social network website is immune from those who would bother other people.  We at GenealogyWise believe our members experience is important and we do all we can to look out for potential spammers and terminate their membership.  In some cases, members will alert us to spammers before we have the chance to find them. 


If you receive a message that you believe is a form of spam please notify us by clicking on the “Report and Issue” button located at the bottom of the GenealogyWise website.  We will take care of the issue as soon as possible.


When we terminate a membership on GenealogyWise, it does take some time before all of their messages are erased.  What this means for you is that we may have already terminated the membership of a spamming member but you still may see a link from them on your Member Page or receive an email from GenealogyWise about a comment posted to your Member Page from that member for a few hours after we have terminated that member.  When you click on that message link, you will see a message that that member or comment cannot be found.

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