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Rebecca Wright was one of my great, gr. gr. gr. gr. gr. gr. grandmother's on my paternal side. She was born 9 Oct 1700 and died 8 Feb 1744. I have not conducted any research on this line yet.
This is not my line. However it is one I have well researched. Rebecca Wright, 9, Oct. 1700 Married in 1721 Noah Graves. Rebecca passed on 8 Feb. 1994. She was the daughter of Benoni Wright ( Northhampton, Mass.b. 12 Sept. 1675) and Rebecca Barrett. They wed in 1699 at Northhampton.Benoni was the son of Samuel of Northhampton, b. 3. Oct. 1632 and Elizabeth Burt, b. 4 Dec. 1638 and married in 1653. Samuel was the son of Deacon Samuel Wrigh founder of Northhampton, and Springfleild Mass. Married to Margaret Stratton. He was of Wrightsbridge, Essex, England. A descendent of one of the John Wrights of Keledon Hall, Essex, England. The DNA Haploid Group for this family is E1B1B2A2. They are of Roman blood. I have contact and corespondence with this family. If I can be of anymore aid,
Of further interest:

Wilber and Orville Wright of Dayton Ohio, inventors of the airplane, never married and had no children. There brothers Ruechlin, and Lorin both married and have living descendants. Sister Kathrine married too late in life to have children. Their mothers family the Koehners were from Virginia, but the Wright men were from Ohio. their father, Bishop Milton Wright spent some time in Indiana before moving the family to Ohio, and before that the family had been from Vermont and Massachusettes(Northhampton). Their immigrant father was Deacon Samuel Wright,(1606 - 1665). His father was John Wright Esq.(1569-1644) Clerk of the House of Commons(1639-1639), and his grandfather Lord John Wright of Wrightsbridge(1544-1624), were all Baptized at St. Peters Church in South Weald Parish, Co. Essex England and were descendants of John Wright the Elder,(1488-1551) Lord of the Manor of Kelvedon Hall in Kelvedon Co. Essex England. Gerald S Hayes
I am interested in researching the wright family in the Andover Ma. area.. my father Foster Eugene Wright was born there .
My Wright line is from Montgomery, Page and taylor, Woodbury County Iowa, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, Stephenson and Loran County Illinois and some in New York- just not sure where yet.
Washington born abt 1818 in NY married to a Jane.
Alonzo Wright born abt 1843 in PA married a Martha lashall in IL.
George William Wright born in 1866. Married Ida May Bird and Hester C. Wainwright
William Wright b 1896 in Iowa married Ruby Wilson, Mildred Shrimpton, Gertrude Sprague.
My grandfather was Elmer Kenneth Wright b. 08 Feb 1899 in Sidney, Nebraska. I have traced this family back to Kelvedon Hatch, Essex, England. My problem area is back a bit further starting with Henry Wright b. 1424 also at Kelvedon. Somehow, the Wright and Whitbread lineage back then is extremely confussing. I show both surnames as parentage to Henry. I can't seem to straighten it out. Can anyone help? Needless to say, it's driving me nuts!
Looking for Wright's from VA thru IN to MI. I have a 67 marker DNA via ftDNA I'd like to compare. Haplogroup I-1A M253. Contact me (



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