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he lied  about his age and got a way with it

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Kathryn was tell me earlier today that one of her people lied about his too.

Didn't find his WW1 card but did find his WW2. Even that date on it was different then what she thought.

My paternal grandfather was born in 1902 (I have a copy of his birth record). When he enlisted to fight for Canada in 1916, he said his birth year was 1898 (I found a copy of his WWI Canadian Attestation Record). According to my grandfather, when the people in charge found out about his age, he was shipped home. I don't have any record of him returning to Canada until 1918. I did a bit more research, and discovered that some who were underage were sent to training camps in England until they were 18 or the war was over - whichever came first.





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